Glass Of Wine Or Two Before Bed Can Help Weight Loss

Is it too early to be talking about wine?

Maybe – but if you need a little motivation to get you through the afternoon, then this might be it.

If you have ever felt a little twinge of guilt concerning the calorific content of a glass of wine, then new findings from the University of Alberta in Canada may help alleviate that guilt.

Simply speaking, a glass of red wine equals an hour.

Research Conducted by Jason Dyck from the uni discovered that health advantages in resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, are like those we get from exercise. Resveratrol works because it functions to prevent fat cells from gaining additional fat.

This great news is backed by scientists in Washington State University and Harvard, who have found that your nightly glass of wine (or two) can actually help with weight reduction .

According To the research, it is possible to help prevent weight reduction by 70 percent from drinking at least two glasses of wine every day, and red wine is the best option because of the resveratrol.

But for best results it’s to be in the evening – that sadly does not apply to a lunchtime glass.

The calories from the wine can help suppress late night snack cravings – a large source of weight reduction.

Perhaps not Completely convinced? The University of Denmark also discovered that people Who have a drink, have slimmer waistlines.

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