Limiting Screen Time May Do Wonders For Teenagers Sleep

Limiting evening exposure to displays, tablets cellular phones and computers can do just fine.

The study states the vital aspect is reducing exposure.

The Result is teens decrease fatigue all and can boost their sleep quality.

We Before bedtime can influence the brain’s clock along with the creation of the sleep hormone melatonin know that overexposure to light generated from apparatus.

Excellent sleep is disturbed.

Dutch Teens who spent over four hours every day on screens went to sleep and woke up on average 30 minutes afterwards. They slept less.

So the Dutch Researchers looked at the effects of blocking blue light with glasses, no screen time throughout the night, and the sleep pattern of 25 frequent users.

After seven days of obstructing light with glasses and screen Abstinence, they were going to sleep 20 minutes earlier and had sleep loss.

Dr Dirk Jan Stenvers, from the section of Endocrinology and metabolism at the Amsterdam UMC, said:Adolescents increasingly spend more time on devices using displays and sleep complaints are frequent in this age group.


Dr Stenvers included: The gaps in sleep patterns between The differences in display usage might cause frequent and infrequent screen users, or else they may well have nothing to do with this.

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