Hearing Aids Can Shorter The Risk Of Dementia And Depression In Elderly People

Hearing aids can reduce the risk of dementia, depression and serious Falls in people over age 66, a landmark research has found.

Meanwhile, the risk of falls fell by 11 per cent by 13 percent and the risk of depression in the study of 115,000 adults.

Elham Mahmoudi, a health economist at Michigan University who headed the Study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, said:”We know that individuals with hearing loss have significantly more negative health events however this study allow us to find the ramifications of an intervention and look for associations between hearing aids and health outcomes.

“Though hearing aids can not be said to prevent these Conditions, a delay in the onset of depression dementia and the risk of falls, could be important.

We hope our study will Assist clinicians and people with hearing loss understand the potential association between getting a hearing aid and other areas of their health.

A study of 25,000 individuals found hearing aids helped attention and increase memory last July.

Hearing loss can lead to loneliness and isolation, Though other studies have discovered that if untreated.

Some Experts believe loneliness to be a cause of physical and psychological decline, raising the danger of death, depression and depression.

Some areas of the State already have prohibitive policies on hearing aid supply — going against most of clinical guidelines — in a misguided effort to make short-term savings.

According to the charity Cent of Brits more than 50 years old have hearing loss, rising to 71 percent Of people over the age of 70.

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