Could You Be Suffering From Eco-Anxiety

Have you worried about climate change?

Worried about how much plastic you are using, or panicked About water usage? Can it left you lying awake or Googling the ramifications of global warming? If so, you might be suffering with Eco-anxiety, and you wouldn’t be lonely.

Described by Psychology Today As  fairly recent psychological disorder afflicting an increasing number of individuals who worry about the environmental crisis,’ Eco-anxiety is likely to stem from a rise in news headlines about climate change, along with an obvious change in weather patterns and temperatures. This, combined with more discussion about our personal effect is contributing to countless people feeling worried about the planet’s future.

Since it’s a new No stats, Difficulty are available on the incidence of Eco-anxiety.

But therapists and many psychologists are noticing an increase in patients. We speak to Roxana Rudzik-Shaw, psychologist and counselor, and Hilda Burke, UKCP and BACP accredited psychotherapist, couples counselor and author of The Phone Addiction Workbook, who both say they have seen more clients seeking peace over climate change.

What is Eco-anxiety?

Rudzik-Shaw Says:’Individuals experiencing anxiety about the changing and deteriorating state of the world we live in may present with anxiety or stress, worry, guilt, overwhelm, panic, uncertainty, powerlessness, pessimism, rumination and sleep issues, to name a few examples.

With the prevalence of natural disasters, which include extreme weather events such as drought, floods and famine, and few solutions to address an environmental crisis on a global scale, it is unsurprising that individuals may be experiencing psychological distress.’

A 2017 report From the American Psychological Association on the consequences of climate change on wellbeing clarifies Eco-anxiety as:’a chronic fear of environmental doom.

What’s it like to endure with Eco-anxiety?

23-year-old Ellie, from London, says that her Eco-anxiety began when the movie of a sea turtle having plastic straws removed from his nostrils went viral on the internet.

I hadn’t realised how badly polluted the ocean was she explains.

Ellie looked to use vinyl to ease her guilt and ended up discovering about zero-waste living.

Through this, I learnt about zero-waste stores that offer plastic-free items like reusable cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, refillable cleaning supplies etc..

Going Zero-waste has helped to relieve some of their guilt about the surroundings and the speed of pollution and climate change. And my moving zero-waste has helped others, find other ways to fight their waste and such as my parents and friends, look at their particular levels of pollution .

How are therapists treating Eco-anxiety?

Often taking steps – however small – to Affect change can help ease their anxiety and sense of helplessness.

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