Leukemia Drug For Treating A Childhood Brain Cancer

Researchers describe a new use of leukemia medication, nilotinib, to take care of a subtype of medulloblastoma, a esophageal cancer that is mortal.

In the analysis, published September 20, 2019 in PLOS One, the Team revealed how the use of one medication — in this case nilotinib — specifically targets cancer cells that have an abnormal stimulation of a cell communication system, called the Hedgehog pathway, via two distinct mechanisms, which makes it more effective and less hazardous than blending drugs.

Several types of basal cell carcinoma leukemia, Glioblastoma , pancreatic adenocarcinoma, rhabdomyosarcoma and one third of medulloblastoma instances have an impairment in the Hedgehog signaling pathway and adult tissue regeneration.

As a result of this handicap, the cancer cells overproduce a cell-surface receptor named Smoothened. Malignancies for this to account for a quarter of all cancer deaths,” stated Abagyan.

Only a fraction of patients with this subtype of medulloblastoma Respond well to current therapies that only target Smoothened,” said Abagyan. Knowing that dysregulation of the Hedgehog pathway is important to the maintenance of cancer stem cells, and that it plays a critical role in several cancers, we wanted to find a single drug that inhibits this pathway in addition to several other essential anti-cancer activities.

In the Analysis, Abagyan and team found that mice bearing human Medulloblastoma tumors saw no drug resistance occurring and tumor expansion decreased. Nilotinib simultaneously inhibits Smoothened and protein kinase critical for tumor growth.

Nilotinib is currently a U.S. Food and Drug Administration accepted Treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia with a safety profile, which makes it a Therapeutic candidate alone or in combination with surgery, Radiation treatment and chemotherapy,

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