Why People Gain Weight As They Get Older

A lot of men and women struggle to keep their weight in check as they become older.

That is now new research has discovered: lipid turnover in the tissue decreases during aging and makes it easier to gain weight, even when we do not consume more or exercise.

The researchers examined lipid turnover in 41 women who Underwent bariatric surgery and the lipid turnover speed affected their ability to maintain the weight off four to seven years.

The result showed that maintain their weight loss and those who had a rate prior to the operation was able to increase their lipid turnover.

The researchers believe these folks might have had more space to boost their lipid turnover compared to those who already had a high level pre-surgery.

The results indicate for the first time that processes in our fat Tissue regulate changes in body weight during ageing in a way that is independent of other factors, says Peter Arner, professor in the Department of Medicine in Huddinge in Karolinska Institutet and among the study’s major authors.

This could open up new ways to treat obesity.

Studies have shown that the lipid turnover to speed up In the fat tissue would be to exercise more.

This research supports that belief and indicate if coupled with physical activity, that the long-term result of weight loss operation would improve.

Obesity and obesity-related diseases have become a global problem, States Kirsty Spalding, senior researcher in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institutet and another of the study’s main authors.

Understanding lipid dynamics and what regulates the size of the fat mass in humans has never been more relevant.

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