Artificial Sweeteners Are Not Good For Health

Artificial sweeteners have been tricking us. We believed they had been better for us but new research says they are equally as bad even worse.

This shocking news emerged from a study of more than 450,000 people that were middle-aged followed up till now and started 16 decades back.

And Two research revealed the alarm bell, among obese women who drank two diet beverages a day doubled their risk of stroke being found by them earlier this year. This new study adds to the mounting evidence about the injury artificial sweeteners can do.

Scientists found that individuals Who drank over two sugary drinks a day were likely to die prematurely than people who rarely needed them. But, much more frightening, the risk of departure was even higher in people who consumed beverages containing artificial sweeteners.

And also the case against Sweeteners gets even stronger. They have been found to increase the risk of heart disease by 40%. What is happening?

Well, We are only now learning how harmful sweeteners are on the 100 trillion bacteria in our guts which are so essential for our wellbeing.

It Turns out sweeteners knock on those good bacteria for six. We’ve discovered this fact by performing some ingenious experiments.

Artificial sweeteners have been given to mice which were Split into three groups — some were given a few water, a few water, and water using saccharin.

Mice from the saccharin group stopped being able to manage glucose .

That they developed glucose intolerance, when faecal samples from the gut bacteria of those mice were given to other normal mice.

Plus Bacteria linked with diabetes and obesity grew. The worrying finding was that the same thing occurred with human beings.

Why? The concept is inflammation, which encourages provokes.

Sure Enough, a study of more than 7,000 American teenagers found the diet drinkers have 200 extra calories per day, which might result in being overweight.

It sounds to consume something sweet tricks the brain into expecting a Sugar strike, and in spite of the the body releases insulin, lowering blood sugar.

But when the sugar does not come, the mind Tries to make up for it by releasing so that you eat more hormones that activate hunger pangs.

If you need to use an artificial sweetener, then elect.

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