Heard Of The Low Sulfur diet? Eating Low-Protein May prolong Your Life

However, what if you can find exactly the exact same longevity advantages without needing to eat

If study bears out that, it might be another stepping stone to longer life and better health.

Research since has replicated that advantage.But translating that amazing effect to people could be tricky.

Clearly not a fantastic situation for individuals, even when longevity results crossed species.

With laboratory animals does not function in people what functions.

Lots of individuals in the USA have a diet full of dairy and meat products.

Does this point to some other pathway to more life or only reinforce what we know about our eating habits?

This study was observational, seized 1 minute and relied upon individuals reporting their habits.

And it didn’t analyze weight, though other studies have demonstrated a connection between a plant-based diet program and weight reduction.

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