What Is A Pescatarian Diet And Is It Healthy?

While You’ve likely heard that pregnant women need to be careful not to eat a lot of mercury.

In adults, the risks of excess mercury continue to be studied.

Some research also has linked excess mercury exposure to high blood pressure, heart disease, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

If You Decide to include dairy or eggs, opt for the Maximum quality Ingestion.

Foods within each food category, in order to broaden your general nutrient Doesn’t indicate that unlimited quantities is safe.

Some varieties are high, including swordfish at 246%.

Sources, specifically pasture-raised eggs that are organic, and grass-fed organic.

The amount and kind of seafood consumed, along with the quality and balance of the foods a pescatarian eats.

Others also eat eggs, dairy, or both, but pescatarians don’t eat meat or poultry.

The healthfulness of a pescatarian diet boils down to two factors: dairy.

But the mercury in fish may accumulate quickly if you’re consuming it on the daily.

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