Pokémon Home patch notes – update 1.2.1

The Pokémon Home Program for mobile devices Was Upgraded to version 1.2.1, which comprises several much-required quality-of-life enhancements and squashes many bugs struck by gamers.

Pokémon House is your service that enables coaches to maintain their Pokémon saved across all of the names they perform in one location that is digital. It’s also accessible for Nintendo Switch.

The patch enhances Details of the program, such as search result filters to the Battle Data, the Wonder Box, along with the GTS works.

The Pokémon Company has introduced switches and a brand new attribute to prompt activities.

This is the complete changelog for Pokémon Home version 1.2.1:

  • Improved search result filters for the GTS “Search for Pokémon” function.
    – The “Include people searching for Legendary and Mythical Pokémon” option has been updated to “Include people searching for Legendary, Mythical, and other special Pokémon.”
    – You can now filter your results based on what Pokémon you have deposited in Pokémon HOME.
  • Added the ability to place multiple Pokémon in the Wonder Box at once.
  • Revised Challenge completion messages for improved clarity on what Challenge you’ve completed.
  • Added the ability to view Pokémon’s Natures under Pokémon Rankings in Battle Data
    (If a Trainer used a mint on their Pokémon, the Nature shown will correspond to the mint used.)
  • Added a Back button to Battle Data screens.
  • Fixed the issue where Toxtricity’s Gigantamax form would not be displayed in your Pokédex.
  • Added new informational features.
  • Made various other fixes.

While we don’t have updated data about its usage, Pokémon Home sure was off to a great start as it was downloaded 1 million times in the first week of availability, and since then, it has gone through multiple patches and iterations that have polished the code and added new functionalities.

In fact, Battle Data and better trading between friends were only introduced in May, as part of the previous update 1.1.0.

Pokémon Home patch notes – update 1.2.1
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