Resident Evil 7 Is Now The Best Selling Game In The Series

Capcom has upgraded its own Platinum listing of games Resident Evil 7 is the sport in the survival horror franchise.

The game was from the franchise criteria since it introduced a first-person perspective, which was debated among fans since the IP origins are from the third person view with cameras.

The Earnings do affirm that it had been the call for Capcom with a narrative inheriting gameplay elements and characters in the saga that is first.

Resident Evil 7 has offered 7.9 million units, as a result of the simple fact that it’s been sold at reduced rates for a very long time. Its earnings have been always rising throughout the past couple of decades, and have got 400,000 added units since March 31.

This means it’s the very best setting singular Resident Evil name thus far, before Resident Evil 2, published in 2019 and standing in 7.2 million copies.

Resident Evil 7 is the selling Capcom game, just behind Dragon Hunter World (16.1 million, cumulatively), further affirming the way that it turned successful according to a dear IP and reinvention.

It is worth noting that Resident Evil 5 Whilst variations haven’t been published by Resident Evil 7 after its launch and Resident Evil 6 is forward in regards to blending the different versions available.

Looking As a surprise, it does not come In the revenue figures that Capcom is currently ongoing the narrative with Resident Evil Village next year of RE7.

Resident Evil Village is a follow up to this game’s plot and can be inheriting gameplay mechanisms, like the first-person perspective when enlarging it to present a deeper exploration component.

The game can be defined to be the very first game from Capcom and is scheduled to start for PlayStation 5 PC and Xbox collection X 2021.

Resident Evil 7 Is Now The Best Selling Game In The Series
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