Tactics Club Arrives on Consoles in September Wintermoor

Graphic novel-inspired strategic RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club will arrive consoles following month.

Tactical RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club is now making its way to consoles following month. The game will arrive on Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Produced by independent game programmer EVC and released by Versus Evil, Wintermoor Tactics Club Is an RPG in an intriguing setting. The game occurs at a school. As a part of these Tactics Club, players can create their very own tabletop campaigns directed toward assisting others inside the club. You will find dozens and just seven characters of struggles.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Attributes inspired by books and timeless RPGs. The developers want the game to be lighthearted and witty. “Wintermoor is actually available for first-time approaches game players, using a puzzle-like spin on the tactics of battle, while at precisely the exact same time providing long-time gamers a magical struggle to sink their teeth into,” explained Steve Escalante, GM of Versus Evil. “After launch on receiving a great deal of love for the sport, we are eager to present this beautifully funny, healthy RPG adventure to console gamers around the globe.”

Wintermoor Tactics Club will September 10, 2020 Launch for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, also PS4 consoles on Thursday. The game started on May 5, 2020, for PC. It’s currently available on Steam and GOG.com for $14.99. To Find out more about the game, go to the Wintermoor Tactics Club site.

Tactics Club Arrives on Consoles in September Wintermoor
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