Overwatch Full Patch Notes Update Version 2.96 (August 18 Update)

The updated version is available to download for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Here are the patch notes for this upgrade.

The upgrade for your game implements several bug Fixes to personalities and the gameplay. Get the information on this particular patch.

Overwatch Update Version 2.96 Total Patch Notes (August 18 Update)



  • Fixed a bug that caused participant names not to look properly when watching a playoff
  • Fixed a bug permitting turrets to have put in disadvantaged locations
  • Fixed a problem with the Union Jack spray seeming wrongly



  • Fixed a bug in which Swift Strike Wouldn’t deal damage if used on a goal That’s contrary to a wall


  • Fixed a bug that caused Ice Wall to improve characters up inconsistently
  • Fixed a bug permitting Ice Wall to be placed on top of Mei’s Cryo-Freeze


  • Fixed a bug that caused yellow orbs not to show over dead allies


  • Fixed A bug which triggered the melee cartoon of Zenyatta to never seem When utilizing melee to cancel from a secondary fire control
  • Fixed a bug that led to secondary and primary fire to never trigger properly after perishing, in rare instances
Overwatch Full Patch Notes Update Version 2.96 (August 18 Update)
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