Rainbow Six Siege (PS4, Xbox One, PC) Update Version 1.89 Full Patch Notes

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege update adaptation 1.89 will be delivered in the not so distant future. Here are the full fix notes for this up and coming update.

Ubisoft has shared the subtleties on what’s fixed and what has been added to the game in Rainbow Six Siege update 1.89 fix 5.2.3. This update will incorporate new fixes that have been delivered in front of fix 5.2.2 which is out now for PC.

Rainbow Six Siege Update Version 1.89 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC)



A few updates to the warnings framework to help make future popups less malicious.


After August 11, 2020, 2-Step Verification will be required for positioned on PC in APAC. On the off chance that you have not actuated 2SV preceding this date, you will be bolted out of the Ranked line until 2SV is enacted for you.

Go actuate 2SV under the record of the board segment at https://account.ubisoft.com!

Interactivity UPDATES

For more data on adjusting changes, see our Designer’s Notes.



  • In the event that you’ve at any point stepped on a Lego… this damages more awful. By making her device more pleasant to utilize, we’re hoping to make Gridlock players’ carries on with somewhat simpler.
  • Brought down Gridlock’s Caltrop organization time to 9s (down from 13s).
  • Brought down the individual Caltrops organization time to 0.45s (down from 0.7s).
  • Brought down the scope of arbitrary convey variety to 0.05s (down from 0.1s).
  • Included a postponement of 0.45s before the sending arrangement begins (beforehand no deferral).


  • The Rainbow 🐐 has a goat to run. We need to let Oryx utilize his scramble, and included versatility and solidness will ideally make him more enjoyable to play.
  • Utilizing his scramble through a delicate divider won’t drain all the scramble charges.
  • Expanded Dash revive time to 12s (up from 8s).
  • Run recuperation time for all runs is currently 0.5s. (Past recuperation times: delicate divider = 1s, foe = 0.7s).


  • Shroud the prisoners! Giving Fuze more nearness and utility with an extra charge.
  • Expanded the number of bunch charges to 4 (up from 3)
  • Ongoing interaction


  • To keep up consistency with software cooperations, we’re giving adversaries that are pushed through dividers a similar input as to when Oryx runs through them.
  • When pushed through a divider by Nomad’s air jabs or Oryx’s scramble, players will get a similar criticism and take similar harm (5 hp) as when Oryx runs through a delicate divider.


  • FIXED – Missing tying down decals from Ace’s SELMA.
  • FIXED – Ace’s SELMA can stall out when tossed with a specific goal in mind at certain pillars, getting unrecoverable.
  • FIXED – While hooking through a window or bring forth, Amaru can point quicker with her LMG on the off chance that she times her run and ADS fastens only before landing.
  • FIXED – IQ’s device won’t show the layout and separation of Melusi’s Banshees.
  • FIXED – Zofia’s blackout explosives are affected by outer blasts and can skip away from the objective area.
  • FIXED – Flattening the door jambs and windows on all guides.
  • FIXED – Floating and indestructible wooden squares in the wake of decimating a few dividers on Yacht.
  • FIXED – Gunshot sounds are muted when firing from inside 1F Technical Seating of Plane.
  • FIXED – Various menu/UI fixes.
  • FIXED – Various beautifying agents fix.
  • FIXED – Various Lighting issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various shop visual and corrective fixes.
  • FIXED – (PvE) Interaction between Ace’s device and AI.
Rainbow Six Siege (PS4, Xbox One, PC) Update Version 1.89 Full Patch Notes
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