Legends Tier List | Best Apex Legends characters

Apex Legends stands out of conflict royale games using its throw of characters. Each one is distinct from the remainder with their skills for their condition that is written. It leaves space to stick out from others. Here are the Apex Legends characters.

S grade

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Lifeline Is. Her skill throws a drone that will heal anyone standing next to its foundation wellbeing out, along with her calls down a maintenance package that retains products and healing. Be sure if your phone in it, to be mindful of your surroundings. She has passives that come in handy. And above all, she is able to revive teammates quicker than many others using her self-healing, along with a shield is without the support of a backpack. Her passive permits her to get more loot from crates that show up on the planet.


Gibraltar Is the nearest thing to a tank personality at Apex Legends. Gibby sets a defense in front of him which protects harm coming to get 50 health issues facing him when aiming down the sights in your weapon. In addition, he includes a deployable dome protector that covers a broad area, without fire from enemies or you may penetrate the shield until it moves down. Even though the dome shield consists, any teammates indoors may use healing items 25 percent faster, and Gibraltar can animate them quickly too. His capability Fortify grants resistance and reduces damage. Because it requires a bombardment of missiles his greatest is similar to Bangalore’s. His bombs explode on contact with the floor, so they are beneficial in circumstances.

Legends Tier List | Best Apex Legends characters
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