The Five Vehicles Of Call Of Duty Warzone: Guide

Whether by land, air or on foot, then there are numerous ways to get around Verdansk. Throughout your games, you may come across vehicles which can help you travel. There are now five distinct vehicles available in Call Of Duty Warzone. We list all of them with their characteristics.

Warzone ATV

ATV is the tiniest and most nimble of property vehicles, offering great speed. (Picture: Call Of Duty Warzone)

Anything Because it is small and agile, the terrain, the ATV offers speed. It has realistic protection against bullets and explosives.

However, Only two operators can sit on the vehicle at precisely the exact same moment. A driver, and also the passenger at the back of the quad. It becomes useful once the participant is alone or simply with a teammate that is life. The passenger can act on each side of the quad. But if you have two friends, one can physically grow facing the motor vehicle. Even though this is risky and you become a simpler target in combat.

ATVs come with a rate and Size that can get you. A fantastic driver can drive through woods and streets. They are also able to accelerate flying over places where heavier vehicles cannot reach.

So, In the event you end up landing next along with your squad is on the side of Verdansk, do not be afraid to drive it and get air on the way to them.

Tactical Rover

The Tactical Rover is like the largest cousin of the ATV. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

The Tactical Rover is like the ATV cousin; still agile and with no valid protection, but with distance for the entire squad.

The ATV family is your cousin. It’s great agility and distance. The three passengers utilize can sit their shotguns. Those sitting in the back seat will find it easier to hit targets behind them. Even though the front passenger will remove risks that appear in front of the Rover.

Talking of Speed, the rover is slower than the ATV, but it can be useful for crossing Verdansk quickly. Drivers will face difficulty when cutting woods. However, it may still be helpful in alleys in addition to spaces.

One of those Points that are negative, as far as the ATV is concerned, this vehicle is open. Thus, players might be struck by enemy shots. Always bear in mind that in combat zones, you must be ready to move. Zagging to prevent shots is essential.

Warzone SUV

The SUV will pay for the bottom half. (Picture: Call Of Duty Warzone)

The SUV is the ideal car for you and your group. With it, you’ve got protection from enemy shots. It’s a lower rate compared to the Tactical Rover, but more compact and safer.

Covering the Bottom half of any squad member that sits inside it. The care is with the windows and windshield, the bullets may still pierce. But it is safer compared to the full open Tactical Rover in Call Of

Duty Warzone.

Being A defence vehicle can have a few disadvantages. It may attain a rate, not as agile as the ATV or even Tactical Rover. An SUV will stand a bit more since there aren’t anybody or camouflage fixes to create it has a lower profile as you drive it via Verdansk. If you’re going to get about Verdansk on the streets, it’s an option.

Cargo Truck

It Is the biggest in the category, which makes it the least and lightest agile of all vehicle choices. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

The Last choice for property vehicles is the Cargo Truck. It’s the slowest of the group, less nimble and also the biggest in size. However, it pays off when it comes to space and defence. Other land vehicles can detonate using an accident. The back can match goods despite having only 1 passenger seat.

You can even put a Tactical Rover or An SUV of the Cargo Truck from the body. Of course fourth or a third group member. Because of the bulk of this Cargo Truck, a team can hide within the bed of the vehicle or with it, providing it at least biased protection against enemy forces in Call Of Duty Warzone.

Again, this is not the ideal car to cross Verdansk quickly. However, in regards to transporting tons of loot or protecting yourself from enemies, the Cargo Truck is the best option.

The Helicopter is the five’s lone aerial vehicle accessible for management. (Picture: Call Of Duty Warzone)

Of The five vehicles accessible, the Helicopter is the only aerial. Being able to transport the squad, he can cross Verdansk easily. As a pilot, the other members are going to be able to sit down and fire their weapons and gear. The biggest difficulty is to hit walking against the targets.

However, the way to Traveling from 1 side of the map into the other has a disadvantage. The helicopter can be found in the skies. It has a built-in grid for much it is hung by missiles. This offers a chance to parachute to your squad and you.

You can when you find a helicopter Take it to a more unobtrusive approach for your place or require it and get traction across the map.

All vehicles have The same function within the Call Of Duty Warzone. Get you and your Squad across the map as promptly as possible. You should consider a strategy for speed, the team or safety. If you are the driver, then The squad is on your hands. Be very careful And of course.

The Five Vehicles Of Call Of Duty Warzone: Guide
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