Ninjala Season 2 features a Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration

The cooperation will occur within the Season two, which kicks off on August 26 to be shown.

The statement was sent via Developer Diary which contained details regarding the anime story of the game.

Players have been understanding about the Sonic the Hedgehog alliance for a little while, as references to the personality were contained since April from the game’s document for a certain reason.

At GungHo, This point hasn’t shared about just what the cooperation will be around details, leaving such content’s discovery.

According To data mining it is safe to say that other figures from this world and things about Sonic, Tails, Knuckles ought to be a part of their cooperation.

In addition to this, Season 2 will feature an anime episode, which will be scheduled for September.

The episode will be about Jane, a hacker to the Info-Communications Division of the WNA.

Season two is also anticipated to include more occasions, a point, a weapon, and much more in the forthcoming days.

Ninja is becoming a larger and more elegant update after an upgrade, and also the newest introduced global matchmaking to make it much easier to locate players across the world.

That’d become a requirement after the match was downloaded over 1 million times only upon its own day one.

Ninjala Season 2 features a Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration
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