PGA Tour 2K21 Every Golf Course

PGA Tour 2K21 not Simply Enables Gamers to create their own custom Classes via the Name’s Course Designer Style, but there are also quite a few authentic ones Too. Together with all eight of these being new to the franchise in general, there are 15 lessons in PGA Tour 2K21. Additionally, 24 courses are contained in the name.

That said, let us go over.

Atlantic Beach Country Club

One Courses is Atlantic Beach CC, situated in Atlantic Beach. Features of this course include difficulty bounces on fairways and greens, and a 71 level.

Caramel Creek

Caramel Creek has some attributes that golfers may wish to have within their program. Among the 24 classes which were produced Caramel Creek, by HB Studios is a 72 par course that includes fairways and greens that are ordinary.

Cloudcrest Country Club

Cloudcrest Similar to Caramel Creek, Country Club, is a 72 par program. The comparisons between both quit there, as Cloudcrest includes a class, which differs from Caramel and a green.

Conservatory Club

There Will was not much wiggle room in Conservatory Club. This 70 level course is recorded among the courses from the sport with greens and water dangers abound when you’re in Conservatory Club.

Copperhead Course at Innisbrook

Copperhead Course is among those seven courses that’s currently returning to The Golf Club/PGA Tour 2K franchise. Copperhead, A 71 par course has nearly 7,300 meters of green and is now recorded among the easiest paths in 2K21.

Cooper Dunes

Cooper Dunes is just one of the classes. This 72 level course has a fairway, in addition to green. However, at 7,666 meters across the 18 holes, it is one of the courses within this sport.

Craigendoran Links

Do not expect a game that is straightforward In Craigendoran Links. This class contains 72 level play, a quick green, combined with 7.405 meters of grass, a lot of which can be firm to the touch.

East Lake GC

Located in Atlanta, Georgia Lake Golf Club is a brand new addition to The Golf Club/PGA Tour 2K franchise. East Lake GC has bounces that are regular, a simple problem, but it will have a green that is slow. East Lake is a 70 level program.

Emerald Lake GC

Emerald Lake GC is one of two classes in PGA Tour 2K21. Emerald Lake includes a company and slow green, which many might enjoy, but out of this is the pretty average throughout the board.

Faxon Park Golf Club

A Faxon Park Golf Club, 72 courses is composed of 7,300 meters across its 18 holes. Faxon has company fairways and greens.

Katagawa Country Club

Kitagawa Country Club Is not a simple course however it is not all that difficult. This 72 level course has a green rate, but a palate that is gentle. Bear this in mind if you starting every hole out.

Hickory Creek GC

Hickory Creek GC is just one of the more courses you will encounter in 2K21. Coupled with a company fairway and a green, you might observe some motion on golf balls.

Loophole River Club

Loophole River Club is recorded as an easy path, but you should be mindful of a couple of things. This class has one of those greens in 2K21 As you’ll have any room for the mistake with this 72 par course. Watch for all those company fairways.

McCory Shores Golf Club

This golf Program Includes lots of similarities with the Hoophole River Club. The two McCory and Hoophole Shores have been 72 courses, and the two have company fairways and greens. Be mindful of the when playing.

Monte Cervino

Monte Cervino might be a barrier in your way of restraining 2K21. This program is listed among the ones in this sport, and fairways and its green could be tricky to navigate for several gamers.

Sea of Memories

The Sea of Memories class is The looker, to say the least. This class sits beside the sea, and in addition, it offers a lighthouse. As for this class performs, this 72 par golf course is just one of the classes you’ll discover, but you should be conscious of the fairways.

Pearl Mountain Golf Club

Prepare For some golf clubs when playing Pearl Mountain Golf Club. This class not only has mountains in the background but in addition, it has a company and quick green, together with a firm fairway.

Quail Hollow

Even though This program is recorded as”simple,” Quail Hollow may not be a cinch. Located in Charlotte, NC, this PGA class has a green. The fairways on this class should not give much trouble to players, you ought to be good at Quail Hollow.

Quincy Downs Country Club

One Of this class looks like one which you’d encounter in Scotland. This 70 level course not only has a castle in the background, but it is also one.


Riviera Country Club isn’t the golf course, since the class comprises average levels, in addition to bounces and problems. A 71 par course has some gorgeous scenery with this 18 hole program.

Royal Ethalwind

Royal Ethalwind is recorded among the simplest classes in PGA Tour 2K21. Royal Ethalwind is among the smaller classes (6,832 yards) from the sport, which might be good for people who love playing them.

Tara Golf Club

At Tarawa Golf Club, 6,918 yards is among the classes in PGA Tour 2K21. Some golfers can struggle with company fairway turf and the greens in Tarawa while this 71 level course is recorded as simple.

The Club in Ravenswood

The Club in Ravenswood has the from any class in PGA Tour 2K21. This may be the most defining characteristic in this 72 diploma course, however, the fantastic thing is that HB Studios gave this class as”easy.” That is because greens and the fairways perform as even-keel.

The House on the Cliff

The House on the Cliff May is not the course in this sport, but it is not a walk in the park. The House on the Cliff is just one of the smaller classes (7,046 yards) from 2K21, and its own green could be challenging to a.

The Jumeriah Club

The Jumeriah Club is among the more scenic courses in PGA Tour 2K21. This class has skyscrapers together with a golf course that’s reminiscent of one you’d see in Dubai, in the background. The Jumeriah Club is a 72 par course, and watch out for this green that is.

The Links in Royal Atlantic

And, with ships, trees Hills The Links in Royal Atlantic, in the background can make you feel as though you’re golf in Canada. This program is just one of 2 to truly have a 73 level. And with 7,600 meters of green, there is room for a mistake on this program.

Timber Knoll

Timber Knoll is going to be among the more challenging courses you will discover here. This 70 level course might be somewhat hard to perform, although timber Knoll might be over 7,400 meters of greens. You could be given matches at times by the firn green, although there should not be too many ball moves on this program.

TPC Boston

Situated in Massachusetts Course is just one. The greens play about ordinary, and you may expect the same from the fairways.

TPC Deere Run

Among the authentic TPC classes TPC Deere Run, in 2K21 is situated in Silvis, Illinois. This 71 level course isn’t really that large (7,134 yards), but it will have regular fairways and greens.

TPC Louisiana

TPC Louisiana is Situated in Avondale, Louisiana, and novices will enjoy heading out into the hyperlinks on this program. TPC Louisiana is among the classes in this sport, and its own 72 level can be forgiving in case.

TPC River Highlands

One of the classes that are easier in PGA Tour 2K21, TPC River Highlands is among the eight classes added in the game of this year. This 18 hole course has moderate rates on the green, in addition to a 70 level, bounces that are regular.

TPC San Antonio

TPC San Antonio such as TPC San Antonio is among the classes thanks to the 72 par program. Situated in Texas, this 18 hole course has a simple difficulty, but also a green, company bounces.

TPC Sawgrass

Even though TPS Sawgrass, such as much of another TPS class, is recorded as”simple,” it is not the same class as a number of the additional ones. TPS Sawgrass includes a green that is, but the fairway has bounced.

TPC Scottsdale

TPC Scottsdale is one of the seven classes, and it is a path. Are the greens but also the turf around the fairway is business. TPS Scottsdale is a 71 par program.

TPC Southwind

A 70 course, TPC Southwind is among the seven arriving paths. Since it’s among the easiest problems from the sport much like using TPC Louisiana is ideal for beginners.

TPC Summerlin

Like TPC Louisiana and TPC TPC Summerlin comes with difficulty. Situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, TPC Summerlin includes company pops on the fairway, a green, and a 71 par course.

TPC Twin Cities

Located TPC Twin Cities is among the seven classes. This class has received excellent reviews and for good reason. TPC Twin Cities is among the more classes from the sport. Coupled with fairways and green levels, this 72 level course seems to be a hit with golfers.

Vaquero Valley Golf Course

One Of the more straightforward paths in PGA Tour 2K21, Vaquero Valley includes a slow and firm green. But when you get beyond that, this 72 level course should not be problematic for golfers.

Victory Village

Golfers will surely Want you may be in a position to perform, and to claim success at Victory Village Only that on this class that’s recorded as”simple” You may need To remember that the fairways on this course are company.

PGA Tour 2K21 Every Golf Course
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