Australia Pack Coming to Planet Zoo: Free Update

The Australia Bundle will launch alongside Update 1.3, a free content upgrade for many Planet Zoo players.

Zookeepers will shortly have the opportunity to send their playground traffic under Planet Zoo Because of this forthcoming Planet Zoo: Australia Bundle DLC. The Australia Bundle will launch along with a free content upgrade that delivers new features and gameplay alterations to Planet Zoo. The Australia Bundle and complimentary upgrade will arrive Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Australia Pack Trailer

The Planet Zoo: Australia Bundle Introduces animal species that are new. These include Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard, Red Kangaroo, Koala, Southern Cassowary, and the Dingo. Building pieces and new foliage based on Australian surroundings will be accessible. New timed challenges await gamers seeking to complete objectives.

Such as the prior compensated DLC packs for Planet Zoo, the Australia Bundle will probably cost $9.99 on Steam and the Frontier Store. Players must have the Planet Zoo base sport so as to download and play with the Australia Bundle.
Update 1.3

Together with the Australia Bundle includes a free content upgrade for many Planet Zoo players. Update 1.3’s highlights are as follows:

  • New genetics-driven monster color variants
  • A fresh Animal Food Management webpage
  • A fresh Sandbox Map with a brand new landscape
  • A free Timed Scenario in Estonia
  • Vending Machines

Multi-select added to the Staff Management UI

Different Upgrades that are quality-of-life and fixes will arrive within this upgrade. For information about each of the new features mentioned previously, head to the Planet Zoo Update 1.3 review page. Make sure to allow upgrades on your own game on Tuesday.

Australia Pack Coming to Planet Zoo: Free Update
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