PlayStation VR Support Hitman 3 to Launch With

Players will have the opportunity to experience iconic places from the Hitman trilogy in virtual reality following year.

Players will get to go through the Hitman series in a completely new way. As per a recent statement from writer and writer IO Interactive, Hitman 3 will include PlayStation VR service at launch. This service Isn’t exclusive to Hitman 3, either. “Every place from the area of Assassination trilogy could be appreciated at VR,” reads the statement. It’s possible to find a glimpse in the newest first-person view from the preview of the game below.
Hitman 3 VR Trailer

Players Will Have the Ability to import places into Hitman 3 They have in the preceding two Hitman Titles. This function makes it possible for players to experience over 20 places. Imported places have to be launched from inside Hitman 3 to be performed in VR. The statement states that the programmers are”working to finalize the details for how PSVR owners are able to appreciate HITMAN in VR,” and more details on how this works will be shown in the forthcoming months.

“HITMAN 3 Will work as a stage for the whole trilogy, and we’re eager to finally realise a fantasy we had five decades ago; to make a game universe that will constantly grow and expand over time,” states IO Interactive’s previous statement from June 2020. “In the coming months, we will share exact facts about how advancement and location carryover will get the job done.”

Being able to play with Hitman 3 And all places in VR delivers a new level of immersion. It opens up a selection of possibilities for mining and finishing missions in ways that are innovative. Hitman 3 releases in January 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X, Stadia, and PC. Head to this Hitman site for more information and make sure you check back for updates.


PlayStation VR Support Hitman 3 to Launch With
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