Ranged combat is just as significant as close-quarters experiences in Windbound. Getting the drop on enemies with a quick three or arrow will provide you an edge before they could strike, and make them easier to kill.

The Greatest long-ranged weapon in Windbound is your bow. Contrary to other weapons you might have an opportunity of discovering from the sport, you’ll have to craft a bow yourself. To earn a fundamental bow, you’ll require a rod and a silk thread. Sticks may be chopped down with your knife, but lace thread can be tough to find in the first two or three chapters.

Silk Thread can simply be acquired by murdering Silkmaws. These purple chunks could be seen hiding in glossy cocoons on compact woods islands. As soon as you’re in striking distance, they will strike you personally as a group. They are simple to kill, nevertheless, and interacting with their corpses can provide you silk ribbon.

You’ve both substances, open the menu, and cycle until you find the bow tile icon. Harness the craft button to produce your initial bow. To utilize the now hold down the attack button. This consists of a reticle you can aim down, and the amount near the reticle also lets you know exactly how many arrows you’ve got available. Publish the attack button to fire an arrow off.

There Are different bows you can craft in Windbound, but these strong ones need various materials to create. You can view what items you require for each bow under.

Hunter bow

  • One wood
  • Two silk threads

Plainstalker bow

  • One leather
  • Two Plainstalker horns
  • Two silk threads

Tempest bow

  • One Storm’s Eye gem
  • One grass rope
  • One stick

Torment bow

  • One Leviathan’s Heart gem
  • One grass rope
  • One stick
How to craft a bow in Windbound
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