Food, like cooked meat, Is the go-to thing for replenishing health and endurance in Windbound. At times, however, you may want a pedicure that grants you a stamina increase, refills your health with time, or provides you strike bonuses.

This Is where treatments arrive in. They may be crafted in case you’ve got the ideal ingredients, so it is well worth investing in them for later chapters or about the Survivalist problem.

The very first thing you have to do is assemble clay and primitive metallic. As soon as you’ve got a few of each, you are able to make the essential items to craft treatments.

To begin with, you’ll have to create two fires. On a single, you have to craft a clay kiln and, on the flip side, a metallic kiln. Clay kilns allow you to craft clay pots (two clay and two thick buds), which you want to put away your own remedies. Metal kilns, meanwhile, permit you to cook those treatments before moving them to clay pots.

You’ve made some clay pots, you are able to make remedies. Every potion needs different ingredients and provides you an exceptional increase, so check out which ones match your playstyle. You may learn what you want to make each tonic beneath, in addition to where you can locate their ingredients.

Treatment of Regeneration

Slowly regenerates your health during an extended time period.

One clay pot

  • Three Bloodbristle – red colored flowers that are found in dry, grassy areas
  • One rotten food – cooked meat that has fully degraded and is inedible. You can cook a piece of
  • meat on a fire and leave it to rot in your inventory to obtain this
  • Stimulant of Stimulation

Drastically increases the speed of your stamina regeneration for a long period of time.

  • One clay pot
  • Four Fluttercups – yellow flowers that are found in forest regions
  • Philter of Fleet-Footedness

Increases your walking and running speed for a long period of time.

  • One clay pot
  • Two Sealilies – blue flowers that are located in dense cherry tree areas
  • Three Fluttercups

Elixir of Ardent Antidote

Drastically reduces the damage you take from poison, and the length of time it affects you

  • One clay pot
  • One poison gland
  • Three Bloodbristle
  • One rotten food

Brew of Brisk-Shot

Increases your fire rate for ranged weapons temporarily.

  • One clay pot
  • One Fluttercup
  • One Blank Frond – feathers that are obtained from killing Bleenks or by digging up their burrows

Dram of Devastation

Increases your ranged weapon damage temporarily.

  • One clay pot
  • One Sea lily
  • Three Bloodbristle
How to craft remedies in Windbound
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