How to make leather in Windbound

How to make leather in Windbound

Making leather is a necessity in Windbound If You Would like to craft some items. Getting hold of leather, even however, isn’t simple. You have to get it from murdering the ideal creatures, then make it yourself since it does not come pre-prepared.

The First thing you want to understand is exactly what creatures drop it once you overcome them in conflict. Plainstalkers are your very best choice for getting skin and, even while Gloomharrows additionally shed skin, theirs can not be crafted into the leather.

After You’ve got a creature hide, you need to cook it to make leather. You can achieve so by drying out it on a flame. We have already covered how to create a fire in Windbound here, so head there if you are unsure about how to craft a single.

Now Your passion is ready to go, you’ll need to construct a Drying Rack. You require two sticks and three grass rope to craft you. The Drying Rack sits along with your flame once it is constructed, and you’ll be able to cook up to 3 things on it.

To Add skin into a Drying Rack, socialize with your own fire to deliver up its own crafting menu. The leather is the primary one your cursor chooses when you start the menu, tap on the craft button to add it into some Drying Rack slot. It takes some time to earn the leather, therefore learns more about the island you are on in the meantime. When you come back, the leather ought to be ready.

You Will require leather to generate the items given below. Given that a few of these things are important to collect different tools and better your ship, it is crucial to make some. All items need one piece of leather unless otherwise mentioned.

  • Armored tote
  • Ax
  • Bone tipped spear
  • Cat Luck helm
  • Glider
  • heavy duty tote (two leather)
  • Leather sling (one leather)
  • Plainstalker bow (one leather)
  • decorative mast (two leather)


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