How to Murder a Pondwomper in Windbound

Pondwompers, such as Gloomharrows, Are among the hardest enemies to conquer in Windbound. These big, frog-like creatures inhabit swampy islands and, using their poison-specific strikes and hefty eyeglasses they are not pushovers. If you overcome them, however, they fall special things which you are able to craft boat updates and other things with, therefore it might be well worth taking them.

You, Will, know you are going to experience a Pondwomper should you listen to plodding, trombone-led music kick as you research marshy islands. Pondwompers will not attack you unless you get too close or assault them, which means it is possible to pass them without them detecting you.

If they really do get Startled, prepare yourself for conflict. Their first response is to retreat in their shell and launch a cloud of poisonous gas. If you are too close, you’ll get contested for 10 minutes, which gradually depletes your wellness.

Pondwompers Will always resort to this strategy initially but if you continue to engage them, then they may strike. Their most important motions are poison-based also, plus they may either breathe poisonous gas on your direction or flame a poison-filled blob in you. Utilize your dodge movement to prevent these strikes or, again, you’ll be poisoned.

Sometimes, Pondwompers will escape to a safe space. They are lining up a yearlong hop attack and, even if you stay stationary, it is going to knock off a chunk of your wellness. Lock-on them, after the jump, dodge two in rapid succession to maneuver away from their landing place.

After Every assault, Pondwompers are exposed until they go on the offensive. Utilize this opportunity to stab them with a spear or pepper with long-term strikes, like arrows, stones, or sling bombs. Do not get too cocky, or else they will strike you without you needing the time to respond.

After You conquer a Pondwomper, you are able to socialize with their corpse to receive 1 shell fragment and 2 poison glands. Shell fragments may be used to make armor for your self or your vessel, and poison glands could be crafted into toxin sling bombs.

How to Murder a Pondwomper in Windbound
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