Windbound How to make a fire and cook meat

Windbound Would not be a true survivalist match if it did not allow you to earn a fire. Fires are a significant part of its gameplay mechanics since it lets you craft different things and cook meals like meat. To make a fire in Windbound, you have to collect specific substances. These products are:

  • One thick bud
  • Two stones
  • One rod

They Are simple to collect, which means you should not have a problem locating them regardless of what island you are on. When you have them the menu and then cycle to the”Survival” tab. Scroll around to the flame tile and tap on the button.

You can build fires in which you Want so long as they are not close to water. When you’ve chosen where to set your fire, then hit on the craft button to construct it. To cook beef, you have to get some in the critters that roam Windbound. You can purchase meat out of this fauna:

  • Razorback
  • Goshorn
  • Plainstalker
  • Silkmaw
  • Skillenfang
  • Bumbler

Different Creatures provide you little or massive cuts of beef. It’s possible to eat meat uncooked, but doing this will just replenish your stamina, and it will poison you for half an hour from the procedure. Cooking meat, though, will refill your health and endurance bars. Little meat enhances your stamina and offers you a small quantity of health, however big meat refills your endurance bar entirely and refills a huge part of your wellbeing.

To Cook meat onto your flame, you will need to interact with all the flame. Harness the interact button beside your fire, and you’ll bring a brand new crafting menu. From here, cycle into meat tile and then tap on the craft button to cook it.

Cooking meat Requires a while, so head off and Explore while it is being prepared. As soon as you go back, check your flame and eliminate the cooked meat when it is completed. You’re going to learn whether it will if a brand new tile Delicately Roasted Meat or Generously Roasted Meat — shows up at the very first line of tiles.

You can only cook 1 meat at a time If you don’t produce a Drying Rack. You want two sticks and three thick pot to generate a Drying Rack, and this may be crafted in the cooking crafting menu. After this was created, it is possible to add up to 3 pieces of beef to cook at any 1 time. If your flame goes out at any given stage, you can relight it using two thick buds.

Windbound How to make a fire and cook meat
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