How to craft a boat in Windbound

Your ship is the very best buddy in Windbound. You can not sail the high seas, either find the Sea Shard towers or traverse each chapter’s Crossing showdown with no one. Simply speaking, it is your secret to staying alive, so understanding how to craft a single is the one most significant part Windbound.

To craft your very first ship, a bud canoe, you’ll have to collect some materials on your initial island. The items you require are:

  • An oar — This can be provided to you in the onset of the game.
  • Thick grass (x4) — All these are long, yellowish tufts of grass. You are able to cut them down with the knife which you begin with.
  • Grass rope (x2) — You are able to craft this by thick grass. You want two thick buds to create 1 pot rope.

You have these substances, you are able to craft your very first ship. Open the menu and cycle into the next sub-menu, which can be tagged”Boat.” Navigate into the Grass Canoe tile and then tap on the button. A summary of a ship will look. It’ll be green if you are close to water, or red if you are on the property. If you find the latter shade, walk to shallow water before the icon turns green. Harness the craft button to create your very first vessel.

If you Try to sail along with your ship does not move, It usually means that it is stuck on the coastline. You are able to push it to deeper water once you receive the”push” instant, which will make it possible for you to start travel Windbound’s watery world.

As You advance through Windbound, you are a to update your ship to make it quicker, stronger, and maintain the numerous items that you find in your travels. To discover how to improve your ship, you may read our ship update guide.


How to craft a boat in Windbound
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