How to increase your health and stamina in Windbound

Windbound’s survivalist slant means You Have to keep tabs on your own health and stamina meters. They are vital since they keep you alive and permit you to encounter Windbound’s assorted islands.

You advance through Windbound’s increasingly challenging phases, you can raise your wellbeing and endurance bars. More wellness permits you to tackle harder enemies and keep alive for more should you start to starve while fostering your endurance means that you may run for more.

There’s Just 1 method to maximize your health and stamina meters. To enhance them, you’ll have to seek out health and endurance shrines. Windbound is a procedurally made name, so there aren’t any specific places where it is possible to find these shrines.

Everything You’ll Want to Consider, However, are giant, dark grey stones which have yellow and red stones in their centres. These correspond to your own health and endurance bars, respectively, and interacting together will add an additional bar to every meter based on what crystal you locate.

Shrines Can be seen on islands which are off the beaten path. It is not likely you will see them on precisely the exact same bit of property as Sea Shard towers, which you want to trigger, so researching different islands is vital to getting health and endurance promotes.

Make Sure that you just sail around each thing to come across modest islands or ones which could be out of their way. Stop at each island which you visit, and head to locate them. Should you find one, just interact with it to obtain an excess health or endurance bar.

As Soon as You hit 10 pubs on Every meter, you can not update your health or endurance. Any shrines you locate afterwards this is only going to refill your yards, and will not offer additional updates.

How to increase your health and stamina in Windbound
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