How to increase your inventory space in Windbound

Your stock is restricted in Windbound. You can only take a few Of matters before it gets too much for Kara. That may be troublesome at a match where things have durability, and also the meals dissipates over time. To raise your inventory area, you want to understand how to craft a tote and also make containers on your ship.

Craft a handbag

The First tote you learn how to craft is a hands bag. It merely requires two distinct tools: Five palm fronds and 2 grass rope. It’s possible to make the bud rope fairly fast by mixing to thick bud resources collectively. The palm frond is somewhat more challenging to discover. It is a little bush which it is possible to find on many islands but on those with green bud. As soon as you have enough, visit your crafting stock, and you’re able to make it. The palm bag provides you with a complete bar of stock room to fill to a heart’s content. Unfortunately, you can just take 1 bag on Kora at one time.

Ship container

Your Boat may additionally hold a container. These containers vary in size and amount. The container your boat may have is a grass basket, and everything you will need is four thick bud bits on your inventory. Then, and you also own a bud kayak nearby, you can put it on your boat to store items you do not have to possess on Kora. It only comprises three, but you can learn about recipes to obtain more distance later on.


How to increase your inventory space in Windbound
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