Call of Duty: Are subway stations for fast travel coming to Warzone?

Anyone Can spot the construction when looking at the bottom left corner, using it wearing a green awning roadside. If it seems familiar, that’s because similar-looking metro channels are already in some different areas of Warzone, but are now closed off by doors that are locked. It appears those doors will soon open using a quick travel subway station greatly rumored to be on the road.

The Way the rumors began

In July, It was in question if the channels were just eye-candy, as Call of Duty-focused Twitter accounts, BKTOOK_, published a mysterious picture of what seemed to be a map of a subway system inside the battle royale. Since the consumer has declined to state how they stumbled upon the film, but it has been taken more seriously as the interior of Verdansk Stadium hints in the having the ability to go underground.

Thus Far, the Tweet in the Call of Duty League marks the first time that somebody or something formally linked to the match has added fuel to the rumors. Since the start of Season Five, it’s become more believable, with enthusiasts lately receiving the capability to ride cargo trains located during the map.

When these can be added

Of Course, the likeliest period that could be inserted is if Warzone reaches its sixth time close to the end of September. Together with Warzone implementing particular aspects from another series set up, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, royale players must keep a lookout for when the match debuts its most its multiplayer features on September 9.

Call of Duty: Are subway stations for fast travel coming to Warzone?
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