Gunfight tournaments have returned to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The most recent occasion is operating August 28 through September 2, 2020, giving you greater than a week to earn fresh gear. But if you are victorious in battle, you’re eligible to receive the Champion routine, which rewards you with the Grail Quest M4A1. Here’s additional information about the Modern Warfare Champion blueprint and what you are going to have to do to safeguard your own.

Champion Blueprint | How to get Grail Quest M4A1

To get the Champion routine in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, You’ll need to win the limited-time Gunfight tournament. The reward is that the Grail Quest M4A1 routine, an epic version of the popular assault rifle using another striped pattern.

Needless to say, this will be easier said than done. Winning all games will take effort, as will need to earn up to 5,000 XP throughout the tournament. You’ll be dropped into a single-elimination match with 16 teams playing across eight rounds. Each win will advance you to the next round, while shedding will kick you right back into the title screen.

You might not need to rush For this particular one. Considering that the Grail Quest first arose during Season 4, it is very likely to come back in future tournaments. But you don’t really need to wait for long, do you?

For many, the reward is more than values The effort. The Grail Quest M4A1 is a finely balanced weapon with exceptionally large precision. It is decked out with a 5mW Laser attachment, muzzle brake, rubberized grip tape, as well as the Operator Foregrip. It’s a lower fire rate than the foundation M4, but it makes up for this with vastly enhanced accuracy.

If You want to unlock the Champion blueprint Grail Quest M4A1, you’ve got Your job cut out for you. Jump into Gunfight championships and also do your best to win each game. Assuming you’ve got the guts to achieve Back-to-back successes, this epic M4A1 will probably be yours.

COD Modern Warfare Champion Blueprint | Grail Quest
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