everything we know How to catch the Midas Fish in Fortnite

The Midas Fish Has Been Inserted to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 4 and Also is Just One Of the rarest fish in the sport. All that is now known concerning the fish is it will turn all things on your stock into Legendary things when you consume it. There are a whole lot of theories out there on the way to grab it, but so far nobody appears to have really managed to track this down in a thousand fish only yet.

We Do understand you will require a Guru Fishing Rod to receive it. The Guru Fishing Rod could be gotten by updating a normally fishing pole with an update chair using 100 Wood, Brick, and Metal. The Professional Fishing Rod will raise your odds of grabbing a rare fish, therefore definitely seems as the thing to do if you’re on the search for your Midas fish.

Where to really spend time fishing, the simple truth is that nobody understands at the moment. We’ve filtered as many movies as we could find of individuals claiming to learn how to capture this fish, but nobody has ever really captured it yet.

Fan Theories

For today, We’re going To conduct through some intriguing fan notions about where you could catch this fish. Some individuals are working off the concept that a Midas Fish could probably appear from the water round The Authority. The Authority was the Agency, which will be where Midas might be seen patrolling the halls, so it appears probable that a Midas Fish could go back to his old haunt.

Others Are focusing their efforts on Slurpy Swamp, working off the concept that the strange runoff in the mill mutated Midas to bass, and that’s the reason why we did not appear his last year in any way.

Our Theory

We have a different theory that we are putting to the test. This is a bit far fetched, but with so many other people out there searching, we thought it best to do our part and join in. We are focusing our efforts in the area of the sea to the northwest of Sweaty Sands and the southwest of Coral Castle. Why? Because the last we saw of Midas he was on a raft, getting hit the with a tidal wave at the start of Season 3.

A few weeks into Season 3, a boat appeared in this area with some broadcasting equipment and a Ghost flag. We think Midas was on this boat, trying to organize and get Ghost back on top. If he was turned into a fish, we think he was here when it happened.

For now, all you can really do is grab your fishing rod and find a nice quiet part of the map and start fishing. We will be updating this article regularly with more information as people hopefully track down this elusive fish.

Everything We know How to catch the Midas Fish in Fortnite
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