How to unlock dogs in Sea of Thieves

The programmers of Sea of Thieves have large plans for the future of their game. Together with fresh voyages proposed in the upcoming year, you’ll have the ability to locate a brand new furry friend to join you on your journeys. Dogs will be contained in the match in the forthcoming upgrade.

With Cats, parrots, and monkeys in the sport, dogs will probably be connecting the Pirate Emporium store together with the September content upgrade. We have a sneak peek at the puppy versions from Rare’s demonstration at Gamescom, which featured distinct interactions with man’s companion. Like the rest of the pet kinds, there will probably be three distinct breeds of puppies for you to choose from.

The rollout of the following content update, players will have the ability to buy dogs out of the Pirate Emporium with Historical Coins, the match’s micro-transaction currency. It’s supposed dogs will probably be priced in exactly the exact same stage as the remaining pets for 499 Ancient Coins. Special variations of puppies, which are part of particular places such as the Ashen Dragon or even Golden Curse pets, would probably cost 649 Historical Coins.

The following content update is expected to release sometime early September, so prepare to have your choice of this litter.

How to unlock dogs in Sea of Thieves
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