Why does everyone hate me? | Crusader Kings 3

You might end up in an unenviable place in Crusader Kings 3. Regardless of what you are doing, it feels like everybody has a negative view of you. When everybody hates you, It can be difficult to keep control amounts and keep relationships with your vassals and international rulers. So, why do nobody stand you

when does it feel like you’ve done nothing damaging to deserve it?

Why does everybody have a negative view of me in Crusader Kings 3?

Sometimes, you might Discover That nearly everyone in Crusader Kings 3 hates you. Your spouse hates you, your council hates you, your vassals despise you, your kids are born bothering you. In addition, regardless of what you are doing, you can not appear to boost anybody’s feelings.

There are a couple of elements that might cause your character to become exceptionally unlikable in Crusader Kings 3. In my experience, this is quite likely to happen when you have just taken good care of your heir, and they have reduced diplomacy, which can be made even reduced by yet another negative trait. Everybody on your kingdom will always possess a negative view modifier in case your reign would be to brief.

The Number something which can get you into a scenario where everybody hates you, and you can not enhance their negative choices in Crusader Kings 3 is your Inbred trait.

The Inbred attribute has the following effects on any personality born with it:

  • Diplomacy: -5
  • Martial: -5
  • Stewardship: -5
  • Intrigue: -5
  • Learning: -5
  • Prowess: -2
  • Fertility: -30percent
  • Health: Acute Penalty
  • Attraction Comment: -30
  • Vassal Opinion: -10

You are already likely to have a minor negative modifier out of a brief reign if you are just taking charge of a personality. Following that, you are hit with a -10 for each vassal on your own kingdom. Add a couple more traits that provide negative modifiers like Australian Culture or (Religion) is Hostile, and you’re going to find it really hard to pull from this downward spiral.

There Are not many ways to resolve this circumstance. Luckily, just because everybody hates you, it does not mean that your kingdom needs to be shaky. You’re able to hold feasts as frequently as possible to acquire the favourable view modifiers, but these will only be a stopgap. You will have problems gaining help, but you may pick the Diplomacy Lifestyle route and begin increasing your stats. You might even utilize Dread to keep your subordinates online. Your priority should be ensuring that your heir is not influenced by any unwanted traits and holding on the realm until your existing ruler dies.

Why does everyone hate me? | Crusader Kings 3
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