Who Will Be the Tell Me Why voice actors? If you’ve played the opening chapter of episodic adventure sport Tell Me Why you are probably curious about what voice-over artists portray every one of the characters. If that’s the circumstance, wonder no more! Keep scrolling for the complete Tell Me Why cast list.

Tell Me Why Voice Actors | Complete cast list

Tell Me Why Has a comparatively compact cast of characters, though they were all carefully chosen to help bring the small-town Alaskan atmosphere to life. That goes for direct protagonist Tyler Ronan specifically; Tyler is a transgender person who is, in fact, played with a transgender male celebrity for added authenticity.

Tell Me Why voice actors record

  • Tyler Ronan voice actor
  • August Aiden
  • Young Tyler Ronan voice celebrity
  • Grace Kaufman
  • Alyson Ronan voice celebrity
  • Erica Lindbeck
  • Youthful Alyson Ronan voice actor
  • Gianna Ernst
  • Mary-Ann Ronan voice celebrity
  • Emily O’Brien
  • Chief Eddy voice actor
  • Martin Sensmeier
  • Michael Abila and Officer Holt voice actor
  • Forrest Goodlook
  • Tom Vecchi and Alexander Kershwin voice actor
  • Neil Kaplan
  • Tessa Vecchi voice celebrity
  • Melody But
  • Sam Kansky and Officer Greggs voice celebrity
  • Dave B. Mitchell
  • Officer Wilson and Kendra Harris-Guidry voice celebrity
  • Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
  • Tina West and Dr Helena Torrez voice celebrity
  • Krizia Bajos

You’re likely to recognize the voice of Grace Kaufman, that performs Alyson Ronan. Tyler’s sister has appeared as Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Cassie Cage at Mortal Kombat 11, Jessie Rasberry at Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Plus a whole lot more. A lot of other cast members have played small roles in video games, together with various television and movie projects.

Should you want to inquire into the complete filmography of the Tell Me Why cast, then visit the game’s IMDB webpage.

If you need a helping hand getting during the first episode, here’s the way to solve the doorway mystery and how to hack on the police computer. We’ve also got you covered when it comes to the next episode’s release date.

Full cast list | Tell Me Why Voice Actors
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