To unlock the Berzerker’s Pauldron at Risk of Rain Two, you Want to complete the Glorious Fight challenge. This accomplishment can be rough because it takes you to have a great deal of harm and endure during a really compact period of time. Luckily, there is a simple means to complete Glorious Battle by carefully time the end of the teleporter occasion.

The best way to finish Glorious Fight in Risk of Rain Two

The Glorious Battle struggle in Risk of Rain Two Requires one to control the teleporter with less than 10% health remaining. But you just have to achieve the last 1 per cent of their teleporter charge with reduced health to finish the challenge.

Glorious Battle could be daunting, but there is a hint you can use to make matters simpler. Throughout teleporter occasions, the teleporter itself costs against zero to 100 per cent. But it won’t ever reach a complete charge while the boss is still living.

What you want to do is allow the teleporter Reach 99%, and then depart the teleporter radius. As soon as you’re out the world, ruin the boss, making sure to leave a couple of enemies staying.

Now, Whenever you go into the world again, the teleporter will instantly reach the whole charge. Before you do this, let enemies strike you until you are under 10% wellbeing. As an alternative, you may jump off the side of this map and allow fall harm do the job for you.

The Tricky part is making sure that you don’t expire before you return into the teleporter radius. Fall harm will not kill you (unless you are running the Artifact of Frailty), making it the safer choice. Just keep in mind that health regeneration, particularly on Drizzle, can foil your plans by curing you over 10 per cent in the few minutes required to re-enter the world.

Time Up it right, and the Glorious Battle challenge is going to be finished. In Return to your efforts, you will unlock the Berzerker’s Pauldron, which Sends you into a frenzy for six seconds (+4 per pile ) after killing Three enemies within one minute.

How to Complete Glorious Battle | Risk of Rain 2
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