Since a lot of games support it now, It’s worth Inquiring if Predator: Hunting Grounds crossplay Has made its way into the game. So can PS4 players utilize cross-platform play against PC players and vice versa in this asymmetrical multiplayer game based on the popular movie franchise? Do crossplay invites work yet?

Is Predator: Searching Grounds crossplay?

Yes, Predator: Hunting Grounds has crossplay and crossplay invites. PS4 players can play against PC players around the Epic Store and PC players may play PS4 players. It’s pretty straightforward. Although just be aware that the game is not on Xbox One or the Switch so that you obviously can’t crossplay with those systems. It probably will not come to those consoles either since Sony is publishing the game.

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The Way to ship Predator: Hunting Grounds crossplay invites

There Are two sides to this, based on where you’re, PC and PS4. To begin a crossplay celebration, you first need to link your Epic account to your PSN accounts by going to the link component of Epic’s website (the app just redirects you to the website anyway). You’ll observe the PlayStation Network icon. Let it connect your accounts by pressing the”Connect” button. Let it verify and redirect.

Do not have to play crossplay in case you don’t want to. If you want to keep within your hardware family, you can go to the options on the home menu. From that point, you will see crossplay under general. Just be sure it says”away” if you do not need crossplay like in the above image. The filtering options do not appear to be as powerful as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ so you can filter by control input as well as system, but at least they are there.

It’s different on PS4. In order to use Predator: Hunting Grounds crossplay invites on PS4, you’ll Have to Do the next steps:

  • Download the latest update for the game.
  • Make an Epic Store account.
  • Make Certain crossplay is on in Predator: Hunting Grounds.
  • Press X over the”Click here to begin linking.”
  • Visit and input the code after logging in to your Epic Account.
  • Make sure to log into everything.
  • Visit Friends on the Primary menu (not by hitting Triangle).
  • You need to see your Epic or PS4 buddies on that list.
  • Invite and you’re good to go!
Hunting Grounds crossplay invites : How to send Predator
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