Lunar items in Danger of Rain Two offer both upsides and downsides. This is especially true with Visions of Heresy, which replaces the Survivor’s primary attack with a different one called Hungering Gaze. It’s very weak with certain characters, but it can be very powerful with other people. Here’s when to use Visions of Heresy and who you should use it with.

Risk of Rain 2 Visions of Heresy | Best Uses and Characters

The most important thing to know about Visions of Heresy in Risk of Rain 2 is when to use it. This Lunar thing replaces your Survivor’s main attack with Hungering Gaze, which can mess up your run with specific characters. But, Visions of Heresy Is Extremely useful with Survivors like the Artificer or Loader.

Hungering Gaze fires off a pair of Tracking-enabled shards which detonate a brief time after agreeing into an enemy. All these shards deal 120% foundation damage, and you’ll be able to fire up to 12 of them (+12 per pile ) total. But, there is a compulsory recharge time of 2 seconds (+2 per pile ) following all projectiles are fired.

Due to how Hungering Gaze functions, it winds up being a Poor replacement assault for Survivors with strong primaries. As such, you likely won’t want to use Visions of Heresy using Commando, Huntress, or even the Engineer, because it will also replace the turrets’ main attack.

But, Visions of Heresy can be a Fantastic choice For characters like Artificer, Acrid, Loader, or Mercenary. It’s especially great for Artificer, as her principal bolt attacks have a very long cooldown, and they’re limited to four shots before you run out. Hungering Gaze enables Artie to shoot more shots, deal more damage, and make more enemies than she’d otherwise. In terms of Loader and Mercenary, Hungering Gaze functions as the sole approach to transition from melee to ranged attacks.

Regardless Of who you use it with, you should also know how to use Visions of Heresy to full effect. Each pile count doubles the number of Projectiles and the recharge time. As such, it is best to not Pick up more than two, since the recharge time will render you unable to Utilize your primary attack for six seconds or more.

Risk of Rain 2 Visions of Heresy | When to use
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