How to absolute all Warehouse Park Goals in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

There are ten goals you Want to complete to Complete All the Aims in The Warehouse at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. The challenges differ from focusing on large scores, breaking boxes onto the map, doing certain tricks, and catching each the map collectables. You do not need to finish each one these goals in one run and select to complete them within a string of distinct runs. Each run lasts for 2 minutes.

Once you complete at least a few of those struggles, you unlock the School.

Finding the Top score, Guru score, and Sick score

There are three general score goals you Can Opt to finish on the level. The High score requires you to achieve 10,000 scores; the Guru Score requires you earn 50,000, along with the Sick score requires for one to reach 100,000. You can do that on any given run. For your Sick Score, you likely need to do this after finishing the other targets and solely concentrate on attaining it at both minutes.

Obtaining a Top Combo — 7,500

You want to acquire a 7,500 combo. This Should be multiple tricks at a Row, united. The very best way to accomplish it is to do one of your skater’s signature tips and try to grind the railings, followed by a guide. The bowl beneath the essential tape could be a fantastic place for this or the significant rail in the centre of this program.

Collect all of S-K-A-T-E letters

There are five letters in the Warehouse you have to collect to describe the term.

  • The S should be the easiest to obtain. When you first enter the course, it’s on the left side of the map, and you can reach it by doing a jump over the gap, to the left of the big pipe.
  • The letter K is overlooking a wall on the right side of the map. Ride your board to the left side, prepare to do a jump, and once you reach the side, let go of the jump button to gain even more air to catch it.
  • On the way down, you can veer off to the side to do a jump over the car, which has the letter A on it.
  • The T is underneath where the secret tape is, and you can reach it by doing a jump over the middle bowl. You can do this from either side, but you might find it easier to do it from the side where you grabbed the A. Wait until you have enough speed before jumping over the gap, or you will miss it.
  • The final letter, E, is in the back, and much like the T, you have to do a bowl jump to leap over the lip and make it to that smaller area to grab it.

Collect all 5 Hydrants

There are five hydrants for you to collect in the level. Many of them are near the letters, so they’re pretty easy to spot.

  • The first is behind the S, in the air close to the wall that you can reach by getting some big air.
  • The second one is behind the A and K, in the right corner.
  • The third is right at the centre of the middle divider of where you first entered the level. You shouldn’t need too much air to reach it.
  • The fourth hydrant is behind the E. You can get it by making the jump over the lip, and then getting some air on the wall behind the E.
  • The final hydrant is up the ramp of where you entered the level. Go up the ramp you flew down, and you can see it hanging the air in the back.

Smash all 5 Boxes

These five areas of boxes that you need to destroy. They work like the collectables, except you have to crash into them to break them, thus collecting them.

The first one you can find is under the hydrant in the middle of the course. You need to jump over the lip to break ti.

  • The second is behind the letter A, on the small little platform to the right of the ramp. Glide up the ramp and turn to break them. You don’t have to do any special tricks to reach them.
  • The third boxes are to the left of the S, on the small platform. You won’t be able to reach it by purely jumping on the ramp. You want to try and grind the side of the ramp to leap on the platform. You can also do a wall slide to make it to the other side.
  • The fourth group of boxes is on the elevated platform where you can find the E. You can jump over the lip to make it to this area and break them.
  • The final boxes you can find are where you first started. Go up the ramp to the top, and they will be on the left side of the room.
How to absolute all Warehouse Park Goals in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2
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