How to obtain into the Prodeus closed beta

Prodeus is an indie retro first-person shooter Created and Released by Bounding Box Software. The programmers previously worked on several famous games, including Singularity, Bioshock Infinite, Wolfenstein, Call of Duty: Black Ops I and II, and Doom. The sport was completely funded on Kickstarter a couple of decades back and is highly expected among the retro-FPS community.

What exactly does retro FPS mean precisely? It is similar to old Doom games compared to Some of those newest first-person shooters. But, Prodeus has a focus on being a AAA encounter with”a number of those aesthetic technical limitations of hardware” Therefore, if you prefer rapid gameplay, smooth motion, and blood-and-gore shooters such as Doom or Wolfenstein, Prodeus is well worth a look.

The first choice to get in the beta was one of the first Kickstarter backers who got to the alpha. There was an alpha sometime before, and if you’re part of this, you are currently in the beta. The programmers have promised players who if they had been at the alpha testing phase, they don’t have to register to obtain entry to the closed beta. But everybody else does.

To subscribe to the beta, Proteus includes a button right on its own Steam page. Right under where you’d add a match to your wishlist or buy one if the game comes out, then press the button titled”Connect the Prodeus Playtest: Request accessibility” and you are in.

Since the button states” request access” instead of”enter the closed Beta instantly,” we could assume not everyone who asks will get in. This is the match’s final round of testing before the final launch, Which is scheduled for November 10, 2020.

How to obtain into the Prodeus closed beta
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