How to carry over content from your account to your launch account in Spellbreak alpha/beta

While players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch are Choosing up Spellbreak for the very first time, many PC and Playstation 4 consumers are coming from your closed beta and alpha. If you’re a returning user needing to Log in or create a new account, here is what you will need to understand.

Don’t try to’log in’ or’reset password’

The accounts you’re being asked to create is not a brand new document, however a new Kind of consideration entirely. You would like to make a new account. This account will provide you an exceptional ID to get cross-progression and crossplay today that the sport can be found on more platforms.

You Have to be in your platform You Had the previous unlocks in

If you made an account on another platform, do not worry. You may just log in on the right stage afterward, and that which will upgrade afterward, but you cannot catch prior unlocks from another platform only.

Outfits, Badges, Titles

These are All the Main things that can carry over from the alpha/beta phase. The titles that you can have are Pre-Alpha Tester and Alpha Tester, based on if you joined, and there’s a ton of badges you might have. You’ll also have the outfits from the creator’s package or some other packs you purchased into.

Clean slate

The thing that doesn’t carry over is the degree. Everybody is flashed To Level 1, and some other unlocks which you obtained through the action of leveling up will probably be gone. There’s not any way to alter this, but it should not be too hard to find those things back again.

Friends List

Your buddies list are also flashed, like crossplay, it can not be Incorporated to your Epic or PS listing. However, with the new ID program, it’s simple to put in a friend.

Overall, do not let not being able to get into an account for Spellbreak frighten you. The content apart from your own level and leveled items are there, and creating a new account only means obtaining a crossplay ID to your current account.

How to carry over content from your account to your launch account in Spellbreak alpha/beta
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