Map Guide Apex Legends Season 6

Apex legends Season 6 has started with a brand new Legend And weapons, minus the new map a lot of players were anticipating. The same two channels are still turning, but World’s Edge has seen some significant changes using all the upgraded Season. Just like each new Season of Apex Legends, Season 6 is a fantastic time to reevaluate your landing areas. Selecting the right one is essential for success, so where would be the ideal landing areas at Apex Legends Season 6? This Apex Legends map manual covers all the adjustments and where to property in the new Season.

Apex legends Season 6 Map — Changes

Countdown Is your largest new place at the Apex Legends Season 6 map. It’s a fairly major pit with buildings spread across the exterior of it. It is situated between Skyhook and Trainyard. This makes it an odd spot to property. Since they’re just two of the most well-known areas to shed, Countdown is nicely situated for a few ancient firefights.

The panels Round the border of the bring up burst shields. This is an exceptional mechanic to reinforce your position. It makes a secure area to eliminate attackers from. This matches fairly nicely with Rampart’s new abilities. Wattson and Wraith have some use with fencing or escaping within this slot.

Countdown Is adequate enough for catching loot from the first game, and it’s defendable from the remainder of the falling squads. This makes it a fairly good option of landing place in Apex Legends Season 6.

Launch Website

Establish Website is just another brand new addition to the Apex Legends Season 6 map. This one is somewhat more interesting visually, but it does not possess the centrality of Countdown. It is in the Ideal south of this map, near the Dome and the Tree. That means you are going to need to move quickly if the circle does not go your own way.

Loot Is not all that abundant here, so in the event that you land you want to proceed fast. It is adequate as a first stop before going into Sorting Factory, however, somewhat thin to be among the very best landing areas from the Apex Legends Season 6 map. This place might have some narrative significance with all the giant rocket, but for the time being, it is a little lackluster.


This A place on the Eastern part of this map, substituting Mirage Voyage. While smaller than some of the others we have mentioned here, Staging is a wonderful enough accession. There are a fantastic quantity of distribution bins and a few new ziplines to get around easily. You also need to have the ability to get a nice quantity of weaponry in the region whilst going quickly.

This is not a landing place for teams that need a good deal of activity from the first match, but it is going to work for a few.

The Very Best Landing Areas in Apex Legends Season 6

Those Are the newest additions into the Apex Legends Season 6 map. Not All they Make great landing stains, however. The Ideal Place to shed will change Based on the group. Some gamers prefer to go insecure high-reward and Drop at a favorite place. While others want to catch equipment out of a silent POI and prevent battle until they have kitted out. All these would be the best Apex Legends Season 6 map landing stains:

  • Countdown – This is worth including since it has the best potential of any new POI. It might take some time to get the hang of it, but the defenses here really increase its viability.
  • Skyhook – This is still a really popular landing spot. There’s loads of loot, and a lot of squads just head here first. If you’re confident in getting some early kills in, then head here.
  • Trainyard – This has pretty much the same appeal as Skyhook, its high risk, high reward.
  • Sorting Factory – This is a medium-sized POI that you can have a lot of luck within some games. You might have to fight a team or two, but you can come out of it with some great loot.
  • Fragment – This has around the same balance as Sorting Factory, if you get lucky you can have to yourself.

That’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends season 6 map. Our other guides can help you out with other areas of strategy for this new season:

Map Guide Apex Legends Season 6
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