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Ascent is a More Recent Valorant map, but it’s been a Good Deal of Fun up to now. If you are seeking to have the hang of Valorant, you will need to comprehend each Agent’s skills, but also the way they interact with the map. You will have to understand things back to front to receive your placement right. So a lot of Valiant boils down to the point of sight and understanding the geometry of these maps really nicely. Players with a much better map understanding have much more game feel and acquire more rounds. Ascent is much more unique with its larger open space. It will contain those thin chokepoints, but they are more off to the side compared to different avenues. This Valorant manual covers all you want to learn more about the Ascent map.

Ascent Plays somewhat differently to a good deal of those additional Valorant maps. Therefore it can be tricky to get your head around at first. It actually pays to be aware of the crucial spots within this map and at which Agent places must be held. This manual will help fill you in on this. This seems like a guardian focused map, but that is only surface level. It really has some different strategies which make it fairly well balanced. That is exactly what you want to understand.
Ascent Valorant Map Guide

Each Valorant map could be divided by approach. If you are defending or attacking,g makes the whole map another circumstance. These are the important strategies for tackling either side of a match.
Defensive Ascent Valorant Guide

Defending On Ascent is a bit different from other channels as the two of those websites are relatively close. You still need to keep in mind traveling from one place to another as a response. On the other hand, the spread of gamers can normally keep the group spaced across their whole segment of the map. Normally, you would like to begin with a single player in the A site, one on the catwalk, two near the mid-markets, and one final participant on the B website.

This Split retains one player on every website, and three at the middle. That is based around with a proactive defense. You are able to take action to remove enemies and retain players in attaining distance from the websites. This is a great deal more powerful than simply sticking to the website itself. These 3 players maintain charge of the center, which can be essential. All 3 players at the midst can access between site A as well as also their typical spots quite easily.

You’ll Get pushed around in those middle Stains, particularly with smoke. On the other hand, the gamers left on B and A website might give intel to that area you need to move over also in such scenarios. Retaking the center area is actually hard on Ascent, so try not to concede this distance if you don’t truly have to observe a spike.

Defending the B Website

Defending The B side will be easiest using a Sentinel. They can totally block up the choke point. When defending the websites themselves, you ought to be attempting to delay and eliminate enemies. Your other gamers may then rotate and help you manage the circumstance. Back in Ascent, the hard work has been done from the players in the middle.

Defending the A Website

Defending The A website specifically is most effective for agents such as Raze, Cypher, and Omen. Your role is locating intel and determining when to call in different gamers, together with understanding just what to tell them about the place to come in. You will find some 1 angles you ought to have the ability to hold enemies away with. However, when you’ve got at least two players peeking in a place that you want to call from the gamers in the mid and catwalk. You will find door levers you can use also, but enemies sometimes take them in.

Attacking Ascent Valorant Guide

Attacking On Ascent should not be simple if you’re up against a good team. The illustration mentioned above of a defensive plan is essential for assaulting to,o though. Attempt to find out the way an enemy group is placing themselves on the defensive. When you do, you will know what type of pattern you have to be responding also. There are some keys tips to keep in mind for assaulting on Ascent also though:

  • There are Ult orbs near A and B. These should be grabbed by attackers since defenders won’t go that far out of their way.
  • A good split is to send three or so players down the middle to compete for center dominance. This can be split between the area and the catwalk. From here, you can split to A or B.
  • Splitting over to A is a lot easier than B. However if it is early in the game and you’ve taken out a player on the B side then you can try to grab an early point on the B site.
  • Flanking takes longer for defenders rather than attackers. This gives you a real advantage when moving around quickly. Take as many fights as you can to get ahead on this.
  • Taking early fights can swing a whole round on the B site. If you get first blood over there, then just head straight over from Mid markets.
  • Attack the A site from the Catwalk and on the ground. Send duellists in first, and try to deal with any doors that open up.

Ascent is a unique map, and there are more in-depth mechanics you can find for each individual agent’s abilities. However, on an overall level, this is roughly a strategy for attacking and defending each site. How to position and split up players is vital for coming out ahead.

Our other Valorant map guides can help you get your head around the optimal strategy for playing other maps too.

Map Guide Ascent Valorant
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