Warzone Best Long-Range Weapons

When you are enjoying the most aggressive game of them all, wiping out a Whole squad and getting a win isn’t a kid’s play. You will want to have proper strategies to eliminate your enemies. As an example, if you are going gun blazing in Stadium aft, reward a short-range weapon will be convenient. But if you are considering camping in the corner of this map and end up some barbarous head,shots then you’re going to want a long-range weapon to behead your own enemies. There are lots of long-lived weapons in Warzone which you are able to select,t from but we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a listing of the very best long-lived firearms in Warzone.

Greatest Long-Range Sniper Rifle


If You’re trying to find a state-of-the-art sniper gun in W, the airline then there is nothing greater than HDR. The AX-50 is much more of a mid-sized sniper rifle whilst HDR is the ideal long-range weapon. HDR may take your resistance with one shot to the mind if they’re armed with a full-body armor. Slimming the sight down and reloading rate of HDR is also quite fast and also a long,barrel which may take out enemies from a very long distance of almost 800m.

HDR includes a damage Assortment of over 100 ,Points and if if you are a terrible shot, then you could find a few kills there and here. If you are intending to pl,ay HDR then you will also need a fairly great loadout too. HDR outfitted with Monolithic suppressor, FTAC Stalker, 26.9″ HDR Pro endorsed with Tac laser could treat you well.

Greatest Long-Range AR

Grau 5.56

There is Undoubted that Grau 5.56 is your deadliest weapon in; Warzone however you may not understand that it’s also the very best long-range assault rifle in Warzone too. Adding an RPM of 750 and an injury profile of 28-23-18, Grau 5.56 may take the enemies out using 4 to 6 shots. But if you are shooting a long-ra,nge goal then you may appropriate attachments to raise your odds of getting a kill. An FFS 20.8”’ Nexus combined with VLK3.0x Optic is a smart option.

Grau 5.56 Provides less recoil and speedy bul,let speed making it the ideal AR for long-term goals. The reloading instances are also, striking and the precision and accuracy of the weapon can get you a few great kills in the event that you know your way about an attack weapon.

Greatest Long-Range SMG


We have already recognized that MP7 is your ,ideal SMG which is possible to see in Warzone. MP7 is also a superb alternative if you’re searching for a lightweight weapon for long-term goals. In all honesty, SMGs are not actually created for lo,ng-term goals but MP7 is an exception since it features a greater firing rate of 968RPM and also an exceptionally speedy bullet speed.

You’ll need some specific attachments with MP7 to Make increase the scope while retaining the precision to the max. Attachments like FSS Recon barrel combined with Graunalated Grip increases the assortment of the weapon whilst retaining the recoil into the minimum. MP7 is an adequate option from the l,ong run match but we recommend picking a Sniper or AR in case you’re searching for a true semi-annual weapon.

Warzone Best Long-Range Weapons
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