Fortnite Cars Guide Car Spawn Places

Vehicles in Fortnite have Experienced a Small long history, they Have had Trolleys, quad bikes, as well as aeroplanes. For the initial 12 Seasons, Fortnite averted having the most elementary type of transport in a match; automobiles. Fortnite automobiles have come into the game with Chapter 2 Season 3. They have not disappointed. Automobiles have additional excellent mobility to the matc,h letting you go around the map a lot easier. They’ve some offensive potential also, having the ability to smash things and run players down. They are somewhat better than simply being quickly machines of passin,g however.

Fortnite cars may be Helpful, but they can be challenging to use. In comparison with previous mobility additions, they are far more nuanced. You can not use them to completely level assembles like with aeroplanes or to place yourself over enemy fire such as helicopters. Using automobiles efficiently is a bit more complex. This manual covers all you want to know, such as what Fortnite automobiles are in the sport, how they operate, all their places, and also how to use them effectively.
Fortnite Cars Guide

As Of Season 3, there are currently automobiles in Fortnite. All these come in a couple of distinct types ,and each has a number of properties you’ll have to remember. All these are the cars Which You Can locate:


This is the biggest of those automobiles and one which you do not see as much. All these are the stats:

  • Health — 1500.
  • Fuel Capacity — 100.
  • Gas Per Secondly Employed — 0.33 for ordinary driving and 10 for fostering.
  • Quantity of gas at Spawn — 80-100

The Truck is among the very efficient Fortnite automobiles in regards to gas use. But it’s also loud and huge, so it’s difficult to use it unnoticed. The plus side is that its increased size does not improve your fuel intake too much. This item can bash through bigger builds than many others, but its difficult to move into gamers as readily. This one runs comparatively well off-road that is pretty beneficial.
Big Automobile

This Is a large-sized vehicle. In comparison with all the truck, it’s a lot less difficult to maneuver around without drawing on the whole map’s focus to you. All these are its stats:

  • Health — 1200,
  • Fuel Capacity — 150.
  • Gas Per Second User — 0.75 while forcing and 9 when fostering.
  • Quantity of gas at Spawn — 50-150

This Automobile has adequate mileage to your gasoline, but it’s a lot better for transportation compared to tthe ruck. You may get around without alerting everybody in a massive radius or needing to be worried about avenues being too tiny. This vehicle is fine at moving off road, better than the smaller ones that are a bonus.

Moderate Car

The moderate car does not have much of a difference when using it compared to the bigger of the Fortnite automobile and may be used almost interchangeably. Its stats are somewhat different however they are:

  • Health — 1000.
  • Fuel Capacity — 100.
  • Fuel Per Second — 0.5 While drive, and 10 while fostering.
  • Quantity of gas at Spawn — 40-100.

The Medium car has decent mileage but its low health does not actually make it a much better choice than a huge car in case you’ve got the decision. It is not especially great off-road therefore sticking to principal areas should make things easier.
Small Automobile

The little car is the best choice for getting around quite quickly, but you’re sacrificing things such as health. All these are its stats:

  • Health — 800
  • Fuel Capacity — 100
  • Gas Per Second Individual — 0.375 when driving, and 5 when fostering.
  • Quantity of gas at Spawn — 40-100

The Little car is not radically different from the moderate, but the reduce wellbeing and better fostering mileage make it simpler for brief trips. This item is pretty much worthless off-road also it will not work very well whatsoever. It’s easier enough to maneuver, however, so you need to be able to keep to the streets.

Which would be the Fortnite Cars? — Fortnite Car Spawn Locations

The First thing on many people’s minds once the cars dropped was c,an I locate them? Much like anything else in Fortnite, there is a level of RNG involved. Fortnite cars spawn quite randomly, therefore it isn’t easy to accurately forecast where they will be. But, we have a little more info about spawns compared to different products.

There are some set Popular places where cars have a lot greater prospect of spawning. A good deal of information says there is around a one off prthe ospect of a car spawning at these places. They’re:

  • Catty Corner (Usually a larger car).
  • Pleasant Park (Typically small and medium).
  • Salty Springs (Usually small and medium).
  • Lazy Lake.
  • Holly Hedges (usually small).
  • Sweaty Sands.
  • Rickety Rig.
  • The Area West of Misty Meadows.
  • Bridge near Pleasant Park.
  • Steamy Stacks (in the car park).
  • Frenzy Farm.

These are the spots on a map if you need a reference point.
Some of these spots won’t have a car in every game, but there’s a good chance that about a third of them will. Some are also some of the best places to land in Fortnite too. You can also find cars spread around the map in general, often around gas stations.

One thing to bear in mind when you’re looking for Fortnite car spawn locations is that there are non-drivable cars still in the game. These cars have a yellow boot on their tyre to indicate that you can’t drive them. They’re also now terrible sources of metal! So that little spot for resources is gone. Harvesting them will just tick away at their health, even though you can’t drive them. 

Gas Stations

 The Fortnite cars run on gas, so if you want to use one for quite a while you’ll need to refill them. You can find gas canisters spread out in general loot locations. They’re red and will explode when damaged. However, gas stations are by far the easiest and most convenient way to fuel up. This is where you can find them:

How to Use the Fortnite Cars

 Now you know where to find Fortnite cars and how to actually refuel them, you can actually go about driving them. The cars in Fortnite are relatively easy to use, but these are the basic controls (Controller options are given as PS4 controller, then Xbox, then Switch):

  • Honk – Mouse 2 / Down D-Pad
  • Handbrake – Space / Lb or L1
  • E – Exit / Left Face Button (Square, X or Y)
  • Left Control – Switch Seat (R3)
  • Left Shift – Boost / Right Face Button (Circle, B, or A)
  • Radio On/Off – R / Top Face Button (Triangle, Y, or X)

Those are the basics of using them. The sports cars in the game can use boosts which work the same as boosting in a helicopter. Keep in mind though that this blows through your gas really fast. You’re unlikely to make it very far when you’re constantly boosting.

The cars can also be blown up when they run out of health. This will start a small fire, so nearby players shooting at it likely won’t get away unharmed either.

Fortnite Cars, Builds and Damage – Strategies for Using Cars

That’s how Fortnite cars work, but how do they factor into the actual balance of the game? Fortnite cars aren’t as overpowered as past vehicles, but there are still some decent ways to use them. This is what you need to know:

  • Damaging Other Players with Fortnite Cars – If you’re looking to run down other players, it gets a bit complicated. It does a decent amount of damage when you hit a player. However, if the player is running then they’ll be shot away like they’ve been hit by an impulse grenade. This makes it difficult to hit them again as a follow-up. If they’re stood still, then you’ll be able to get some real damage done though.
  • Damage to Structures – One of the big questions for any new item is what’s their capacity to destroy builds? Fortnite cars going at a decent speed can bash in the wall it hits, and the corner of a box if you angle it right. This will do a fair bit of damage to your car as well though. For taking down full builds, you can do it but you need to get a bit creative. To hit it again with the car, you’ll need to back up and accelerate again which means a player will probably intervene. Luckily there’s another option for using the Fortnite cars.
  • Fire- This is the key to doing damage to builds with a car. Bash in half of its base, jump out the car and land the last few shots to finish the car off. This will set the whole build on fire and do great damage. It’s a long way around to using cars for doing damage, but it works.

 What are Fortnite Cars Good For?

That’s about everything there is to know about Fortnite cars. So are they actually useful? For mobility, they’re great. For other purposes, they’re not fantastic but they have their uses. They work great for rotating. However, staying in a car going into the last few circles is a recipe for disaster. They’re too loud and too easy to take down.

If you’re looking to do damage with a car, then letting it take damage and ramming it into something flammable can actually work quite well. It relies on you bailing out of the car at the right time though. Keep all this in mind and you should be able to master using Fortnite cars, and know when to ditch the vehicle.

Fortnite Cars Guide Car Spawn Places
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