PUBG): Does PUBG have proximity chat on PS4 or Xbox One?

Immersion plays a huge role in online shooter games such as PUBG. You have to understand your environment, wherever your teammates are, and most of all, where opponents are hiding. That is why attributes such as proximity discussion are significant: They let you listen to the voices of players that are nearby. It is a relatively common choice in PC games, but it is a little more uncommon on consoles. So, does PUBG have closeness conversation on PS4 or even Xbox One?

Can there be proximity discussion in PUBG on PS4 or Xbox One?

Regrettably, PUBG On PS4 and Xbox One doesn’t provide proximity conversation. The feature can be found on PC versions of this game, but maybe not consoles. For the time being, it looks like the programmers at PUBG Corporation have no intention of presenting proximity conversation on consoles.

A number of the game’s fans have taken issue with this. In Reality, a few fans went so far as to make a request To present the attribute to Xbox One. It did not work. The match’s support team has said that the developers don’t have any plans to deliver the quality to Xbox One, and we all presume the same is true for PS4.

If you do not play a lot of internet games, then you might not even notice this attribute is absent. PUBG Still has regular voice conversation, but the quantity does not change dynamically according to your proximity to other gamers. Sure, it would be much more immersive when it did, however, you are not missing out too much.

In Fact, many players do not like closeness chat whatsoever: They enjoy for many voice communications to be in a set quantity. Seeing as the voice conversation on consoles can be outright terrible (think blaring songs or crying infants ), it is probably safe to state gamers demanding this attribute is a really vocal minority.

Sorry, people, there is no proximity conversation in PUBG to get PS4 or even Xbox One. If you would like to jump to voice conversation, you are going to need to use the traditional method.

PUBG): Does PUBG have proximity chat on PS4 or Xbox One?
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