NBA 2K21 Best MyTeam Evolution card combos

In NBA 2K21, Present 2020-2021, Season cards possess unique skills called Evolution. This capacity allows two players to obtain an in-game increase, assuming the two are real-life teammates at the NBA. As a result of this attribute, it is a great bet you are going to want some mates to pair together with each other in MyTeam. But that combos do we believe would be the best? Let us discuss our very best MyTeam Evolution combos to get NBA 2K21.

Lakers — LeBron James/Anthony Davis

We’ll Begin with SF LeBron James and PF Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers. Both James and Davis’ foundation cards are 90 OVR in MyTeam, and every portion of the dynamic duo is more well-balanced. James is an all-round beast (83 PLY, 81 ATH, 80 DEF), although the 6’10” Davis must get loads of rebounds and layups. With just seven base cards which are 90 OVR or even better in MyTeam, it is difficult to do better than James and Davis, if you’re able to get them.

Clippers — Kawhi Leonard/Paul George

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are not the sole dynamic duo in Los Angeles. SF Kawhi Leonard (90 OVR) and SG Paul George (88 OVR) have formed a potent combination with the Clippers, placing both of these on this listing. Leonard has a few of the most outstanding defensive features (84 DEF) you may discover from a foundation participant, while George is a push both from outside the arc and at the paint.

Rockets — James Harden/Russell Westbrook

SG James Harden (90 OVR) and Russell Westbrook (86 OVR) can be Frustrating players occasionally. Both are shoot-first guards that have extraordinary abilities but can be incredibly frustrating to observe when they’re off. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to deny their abilities, hence the reason why they create this record. Harden has excellent shooting (82 INS, 82 OUT) features, in addition to a solid Athleticism (85) rating. And as for Westbrook, he could be equally a threat when departure (85 PLY) or shooting (79 INS).

Warriors — Stephon Curry/Klay Thompson

PG Stephon Curry (90 OVR) and SG Klay Thompson have experienced a Good Deal of success with the Warriors, winning three titles in the Golden State together. Considering all the success the both of them have experienced with the Warriors, it is not that surprising that Curry and Thompson are on this listing. Curry has some of their best outside shooting features (88 OUT), in addition to fantastic playmaking (88 PLY) ability. Thompson, meanwhile, is still a powerful protector (84 DEF), also can complete passes he receives from his partner in crime.

Nets — Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving

SF Kevin Durant (90 OVR) and PG Kyrie Irving (87 OVR) might not have Played each other, however. However, both of them create this record as a result of their history. Two-time NBA winner Kevin Durant can do everything, as he is a gifted shooter (79 INS, 83 OUT) plus a good protector (74 DEF). Kyrie Irving ought to be in a position to prepare Durant quite well, as a result of his fantastic playmaking (86 PLY) ability).

NBA 2K21 Best MyTeam Evolution card combos
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