Choosing a Player Class Spellbreak Classes Guide:

Spellbreak may be a Battle Royale, but it still gets the recognizable character classes that are found in nearly all of the RPGs. Like most other elements of the sport, this mechanic has gone through several revisions to make sense at a Battle Royale. Among the particular things about Spellbreak is the way that they reinvent these criteria to be used in this kind of game. With Spellbreak courses, the soul of deciding on discipline was maintained but has it been created casual enough not to prevent Fight poker gameplay from becoming too dense. The Spellbreak character classes pick among your Gauntlets, plus they provide you special bonuses with every round you live.

Instead of being tied to Progression through a one-character course, you have to select which course you perform as many times as you would like in Spellbreak. At the start of each match, players may select their character class for the duration of the match. It’s possible to use another course in every game if you would like. But given that you may get exceptional bonuses and a particular Gauntlet with your character course, it is far better to keep you as a principal course.

Each one of those Spellbreak character classes, you receive an exclusive skill in-game. All these are catered into the Gauntlet that includes your own class. You spawn with a frequent gauntlet of this kind suited to your course. Each time you reach a fresh circle, you receive another skill. This leaves you more useful together with your Gauntlet, also forces up you for the remainder of the game. This Spellbreak character course manual covers everything you want to learn about every one of the courses, their skills, and everything they do.

Spellbreak Character Class Guide

All these Are all those Spellbreak courses and what bonus they provide to gamers in-game. The first amount is unlocked in the start like your ordinary Gauntlet. The following comes from hitting another ring, etc. This helps to force up you as you advance through the sport. These are all the Recent

Spellbreak personality classes:

  • Frostborn
  • Conduit
  • Pyromancer
  • Toxicologist
  • Stone Shaper
  • Tempest

This guide covers each in more detail, including their abilities and effects.

Frostborn – Spellbreak Character Class Guide

Frostborn is the Spellbreak class that comes with the Frost Gauntlet. This one is obviously ice-based. The ice gauntlet can be quite tricky to master. The abilities you get here help you to make more precise and damaging shots with the Ice Lance but also add some immunity and other effects. You can begin to use ice trails as a mobility option once upgraded. These are the skills.

  • Starter Skill – Your ice lance attack leave an ice trail. You also move 150% faster on Ice trails.
  • Level 2 – You get to hover in mid-air for 5 seconds while you’re aiming your Ice lance, and you get outlines of targets while aiming.
  • Level 3 – You’re immune to damage while casting Flash Freeze. Doing so also removes corrosion and any slowing effect. Your flash freeze lasts twice as long as previously.
  • Level 4 – This level adds an overcharge for half a second onto the Ice lance that gives an extra 35% damage.

The Frostborn class locks you out of ice trails until level 2, which is kind of a hassle. However, if you’re trying to use the sharpshooter ice attacks then you really can’t do without these abilities. The Ice Lance is designed around access to these, so it isn’t as much use as a secondary Gauntlet.


Conduit is the lightning class in the game, so it comes with a lightning Gauntlet. This one is a little simpler to use and it helps you to do things faster. This is to tie the lightning gauntlets into puns around doing things lightning fast. It still provides some decent utility to a Conduit player and it helps that this one is giving you a benefit outside of the Gauntlets. These are the abilities:

  • Starter Skill – Your lightning bolt does an extra point on damage each time you cast it in a row, this can stack up to 5.
  • Level 2 – Your lightning strike now adds one charge to your rune. This doesn’t work more than once, but it’s a cool cooldown skip device.
  • Level 3 – Lightning strikes now have their mana cast removed.
  • Level 4 – You can now fire off strikes at intervals of only 0.6 seconds.

The end result of all of these abilities is allowing you to fire off lightning-quick, without pausing, and with a rune charge for a quick escape if you need one. At the end of the game, you’re left with a powerful Lightning gauntlet for fast flurry attacks, with a free panic button in your Rune to escape. This one can be a lot of fun, although it isn’t as useful in early rounds as some of the others.

Pyromancer – Spellbreak Class Guide

The Pyromancer class is the Spellbreak character class that gives you access to the fire Gauntlets. This one really boosts your damage, but it has a specific utility beyond that. It is helpful for you to control areas and box in or out other players. These are the abilities that you’ll get with the Spellbreak character class Pyromancer:

  • Starter Skill – Fireballs will ignite targets for 2 seconds when they hit. Their explosion radius also increases by 200%.
  • Level 2 – You become immune to your own flamewalls, and those of your squad. When you enter a friendly flamewall you take flight for 2 seconds.
  • Level 3 – Your flamewall does double damage for 2 seconds.
  • Level 4 – When your fireballs hit, they break into 4 smaller fireballs. Each of these deals 5 or 10 damage depending on how far they travel.

These classes make your Fire Gauntlet more effective. However, the zoning capabilities when you have immunity to flamewalls are pretty big. This is a good way to box other players in or out, so the flight that comes with entering your own lets you take down other players while zoning them out. Pyromancer is a simpler class to use, but you can do some good things with a coordinated team.

Toxicologist -Spellbreak Character Class Guide

Toxicologist is a popular class and one that gives you access to a common toxic Gauntlet. It is great at helping you deal more damage over time and stay undetected. This style of play is something quite different, and this is a pretty great specialist class compared to some of the others. These are the abilities that you get access to:

  • Starter Skill – Toxic Spray attacks leave a toxic puddle on the ground. If you hit an enemy, then the puddle still spawns where they are standing.
  • Level 2 – You’re immune to your toxic clouds and those of your teams. You dash when you enter a toxic cloud and become invisible.
  • Level 3 – When you’re invisible you do extra toxic spray damage. An extra 75%.
  • Level 4 – Your toxic clouds spawn 2 extra clouds.

This set of abilities is going to give you more damage and utility to do long term damage with your toxic shots. The invisibility is a fun bonus too. This one is rarely used to full effect, but you should be taking advantage of it as much as possible.

Stoneshaper Spellbreak Character Class Guide

Stoneshaper is the class for the Stone gauntlet. As well as helping out that Gauntlet, you can use abilities to give you extra defense. This is a class that doesn’t take as much skill to master. The extra defense and everything is going to help you out over time. With hard-hitting stone attacks too, you can use it to play like a tank character for your team. These are the abilities:

  • Starter Skill – Your max armor increases by 20. You also get 5 armor restored if you cast Shockwave with less than 20 armor.
  • Level 2 – Crash to the ground when you cast Shockwave.
  • Level 3 – Your Boulderfall attack is going to increase in size as it flies. This gives you a specific utility to your attack. It makes a brute force attack into something that requires decent accuracy.
  • Avalanche – You get an extra charge for Boulderfall. This is really useful in the late game.

The abilities here add a whole new set of skills to using the Stone Gauntlet in the late game. If you have access to these abilities, you can get a lot more value out of the stone Gauntlets. The trade-off is that you don’t have this for the first few rounds, so you can’t rely on the better form of Boulderfall. The armor boosting properties are helpful for the first few rounds, but potions are hardly in short supply.

Choosing a Player Class Spellbreak Classes Guide:
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