Rogue Company fixes a bug which makes players invulnerable

In a hotfix upgrade scheduled for September 8, Hi-Rez addresses the resistance insect many Rogue Company gamers have been reporting lately. The statement has been made on Rogue Company’s official Discord before now, and it details the subsequent vital gameplay bugs being addressed:

  • Players shouldn’t become resistant to damage.
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing players from reconnecting to a game following an accident or disconnect.
  • Fixed a problem where players can become trapped as a Rogue no matter what they picked from the game.
  • Players should no more have the ability to put the bomb interior of partitions and other accidental objects.

The patch will fix things for gamers on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation immediately. Nintendo Shift players will find the hotfix after this week.

What’s the immunity insect?

Within the past couple of weeks, Rogue Company players have reported Encountering this bothersome bug. It leaves the participant in question entirely immune to harm in a way very similar to the spawn immunity mechanic employed from the Strikeout manner. But this damage resistance could occur whenever, in any manner, also makes games entirely unwinnable for the opposing group.

What was originally thought to be a willful harness is apparently a Bug that just a few players have undergone. Nevertheless, according to one Reddit consumer, the insect may be duplicated by following a set sequence of activities. If not handled today, the insect could have become a significant problem in Rogue Company, as players understand to become completely resistant to harm. Luckily, the hotfix is coming just in time to prevent that from occurring.

Rogue Company fixes a bug which makes players invulnerable
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