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Split is a maze of a Valorant map and one which may be pretty hard to grasp. The plan may be a good deal of fun as soon as you figure it out, however. To truly master it, you will want to take into consideration how your character’s skills function and the way the full map affects matters. You want a fantastic sense of placement and the way the stream of attackers and defenders operate in the entire plan. This Split Valorant manual can help you determine what kinds of procedures work for attack and defense. Players with a much better map understanding have much more game feel and acquire more rounds. This Split manual covers all you want to learn more about the map.

Split is a little bit of an unpopular map. Plenty of Valorant Players believe it greatly favors the defending group. It’s correct that it is a hassle to strike. But this belief frequently makes defenders cluttered. With the perfect strategies, you might have a simpler time around the Valorant Split map. Split can be enjoyable; there are a few critical areas for lines of sight which may enable you to make progress regardless of which side you are playing. That is all you want to know.

Split Guide — Valorant Maps

This Split manual will be broken down to defending and attacking. Every side has different strategies. On the other hand, the crucial points which you will have to control will be precisely, even when the plan for getting there is different. This handpicked manual also uses some relatively regular callouts, which you ought to learn generally for much better communicating with your team.
Defending Split Guide

Defending Split is frequently believed to be the most straightforward task on the map. Doing so efficiently, though means breaking it down into a couple of distinct components. Due to the design of this map, B and A are quite far apart. This creates the mid significant. Defending and holding the mid down is essential. In the event you eliminate the middle, you may readily be overrun on A or B until other players can rotate over. That is precisely what you Want to know about safeguarding the mid Split:

  • Utility cycling is a more helpful strategy here. That’s where you or some other agents cycle abilities. Might feel wasteful, but with the right timing, you can stretch out limited skills to hold off an entire enemy team.
  • The best agents for this are Brimstone, Sage, Omen, and Viper. Each has abilities that lend themselves well to cycling.
  • There are limited access points to the middle; hitting each with smoke or walls blocks them and allows you to focus more clearly on the remaining entry points.
  • If you’re cycling, cooperation is critical. Don’t overlap abilities. If you do this right, you can stretch things out a lot longer.
  • Ability cycling can keep enemies locked out for an obnoxious amount of time. This will reasonably often invoke some rage from attackers; then typically they’ll make a mistake.
  • Sage’s wall can block off the middle entirely. However, if you set it a little lower on the stairs, you can leave a gap to see the enemy’s lower halves. This is valuable intel while cycling.
  • With Sage and Brimstone, you could also try to push early.
  • In this strategy, use the wall to block off-market then frag through the other side. You could get some kills, then pull back if you lose the advantage.

Defending B Side


B side is the more straightforward side for you to defend on Split, mainly because there isn’t too much you can do. The B side is difficult to keep locked down, it is too remote to have two players stationed at, and it has more entry points. A lot of this one comes down to having a tremendous Valorant aim and a high skill with your agent. This is what you need to know:

  • One devoted Agent to B side will work well. If practical, one is always you need unless under massive attack.
  • This player is delaying and staying alive. They’re relying intel to the players on mid who can rotate over if it becomes overwhelming. Standard defensive positioning.
  • Since this player is only on mid, a Cypher, Sage, or even Viper is effective.
  • Cypher is the intel gathering choice. You can set up cameras and possibly even stray from mid as long as you keep an eye on things.
  • Viper can set up a poison cloud at B main. This can make B into a point with single access. A player comes in that access point, walling off the other will make it a one on one duel. At that point, it just comes down to the defender’s skill.
  • This might be a bit dull, but don’t try to push from B. It isn’t worth it. You gain little and have a high risk.

Defending the A-Side


The A-side is a bit more generic in your defense. This split is similar to the gameplay in CS GO, so if you’re experienced there, you’ll probably do well here. This is what you need to know about Defending the A-side on Split:

  • A side is for a passive type of play rather than aggressive. The entry points aren’t laid out to encourage pushing.
  • It’s vital that your teammates in the middle give you the intel you need here. An Aside player needs support.
  • You should be able to hold A by sticking to a position and getting the enemies as they peak in. It isn’t easy, but it is the best strategy rather than darting around.
  • The Ramp in A main is quite essential. If you give it up, you give attackers map control for free.
  • A good strategy is to via for map control early. Go for ramp right out of the gate. If you can take it, you’ll push attackers back and be off to a good start.
  • After this, you can fall back when you lose the advantage. You’ll still be in a good position.
  • When A is under massive attack, have one player at heaven and another at the side. This gives you a crossfire that can take out a lot of attackers.

Split Guide – Attacking

While Split isn’t as lopsided as its reputation suggests, you have a more challenging job attacking. These are some essential tips and tricks for dividing up your players and approaching Split in the most vital possible position.

Attacking the Middle

As with defending, control of the middle can make things much easier for you. Attacking the center in Split is going to be a big task, but a lot comes down to patience. This is what you need to know:

  • The better way to attack is to wait, rather than try to brute force your way in.
  • The early game will see heavy utility usage here. You should wait this out. It is better to let the utilities burn out before heading to the market.
  • You can even bait some out if you’re feeling confident.
  • After that’s through, you can work in gradually.
  • Take the ropes angles as a good sniper site. This can help you push in gradually and carefully.
  • You can then clear the angle by mailroom and continue to force it into the middle.
  • Be very careful when pushing through Heaven. A single flash can get multiple players if you group up.
  • Wait for someone to peak, then try to take them. If crossing in the open, don’t go all together and be sure no one is peaking.
  • If you can hold the middle, then you will have a much easier time in taking out either site. This is easier said than done though.
Valorant Map Guides-Split Guide
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