NBA 2K21 How to find a player’s hot zones

In NBA 2K21, every player has sexy zones and cold zones. Hot zones are Spots on the courtroom where a participant is powerful in shooting the ball. Understanding gamers’ hot zones beforehand can be very useful, as a few players may get shooting increase through the Sexy Zone Hunter badge (if a participant has this badge) when a shot is attempted in this region. So how can you locate a participant’s hot zones at NBA 2K21? Let us discuss what you need to do.

1 way you can use to test hot zones is by practising using a player. Head to 2KU by choosing Play Today and from that point, select Freestyle. Here, you’ll have the ability to not just play with all the new controllers, but also check a particular participant’s hot zones once in a practice manner. Remember that warm zones will be indicated within crimson, while chilly zones, even where a participant fights the maximum with shooting, will soon be in blue.

Another technique is to go right to some participant’s bio. Proceed to the Roster tab, and choose that person’s card. You’ll need to scroll to the Hot Zones segment of this card by utilizing LT/RT (for Xbox) or L2/R2 (such as PlayStation).

Last, you might also check a participant’s hot zones in MyTeam. When You are scrolling through your busy lineup, then click on a participant and then scroll on the card’s features using the trigger buttons before you locate the Shot Charts section.

NBA 2K21 How to find a player’s hot zones
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